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What Do You Put in a Party Bag for a 4 Year Old?

What Do You Put in a Party Bag for a 4 Year Old?
So you've sent out the party invitations, organised the entertainment, planned what food to serve and now it's time to think about the party bags. Party bags open up a whole world of opportunity and allow you to get super creative. That being said, some struggle to select what items to include. The best bet is to provide them, but, minimise the items inside. Use small meaningful items that actually have some use to keep parents happy as well. A few sweets to make the child's day. We've come up with some great ideas for you below.


Books always go down well with parents, they are something that they can keep and that they know their child will appreciate come bedtime, over and over again. There are some great deals to be had on picture books. So, take advantage of those and put something into your party bags that will really delight everyone. Alternatively, colouring books and a nice set of crayons are something that will offer a 4-year-old child endless hours of fun, if you fancy something a bit different.
What Do You Put in a Party Bag for a 4 Year Old? - Bunny Tutu - Party Bag & Sticker - Pack of 10
You will need to have some pretty big bags to hold a picture book, but luckily our range includes a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Hair accessories

If you have lots of girls coming to your party, it’s always good to remember that among this age group hair accessories always go down a treat. The girls love them and because they are always getting lost, parents really do feel like they can never have enough. Place some pretty hairbands or slides into your party bags and you will really excite the little ones attending the party.

Bath sponges

Bath sponges are also a great parting gift that goes down well. Choose a cute design and you will guarantee that your party-goers will be looking forward to bath time. This is something that we're sure the parents will be thanking you for when they see you next.
Remember, when choosing gifts the best thing to keep in mind is that it should be something that can actually be used rather than something that will just clutter up the homes of your party-goers. One nice, thoughtful gift and a few packets of sweets will ensure that everyone is happy and remembers your party for the right reasons.