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Party Placemats

Our party placemats are a great addition to your party stationery with themes including jungle animals, disco party, princess, space, and more.

What are the dimensions of the party placemats?

The party placemats measure 297 x 210 mm, which is the standard A4 size. This offers a generous space for your guests' food and drinks.

What material are the party placemats made from?

Our party placemats are printed onto quality 100gsm matte white paper, providing a smooth and durable surface for any kind of food and drink.

Are the party placemats single or double-sided?

The party placemats are printed single-sided. This allows the beautiful pastel pink rainbow design to stand out while serving its purpose effectively.

Can the party placemats be recycled?

Yes, our party placemats are widely recycled. This aligns with our commitment to creating eco-friendly products that minimise impact on the environment.

How do the party placemats contribute to environmental sustainability?

All our party placemats are created with Forest Carbon-certified materials, ensuring the production process actively reduces environmental impact through carbon sequestration.

Where are the party placemats made?

The party placemats are proudly made in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK, adhering to high-quality standards and sustainable practices.

What is the design on the party placemats?

The party placemats feature a pastel pink rainbow design. This cute and playful design adds a festive touch to your party, making them perfect for children's birthday celebrations.

Do the party placemats help in keeping the table clean?

Absolutely! Besides decorating your party venue, the placemats serve a practical purpose of keeping your table free from crumbs, spills, and stains.

Turn to Dotty About Paper for all your party needs, including our enchanting and environmentally-friendly party placemats.