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Wedding Invitations

What Time Do You Put on a Wedding Invite?

Whose name should be placed first on the wedding invitation? Here is the answer you are looking for!

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023
Wedding Invitations

Three Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitations

I absolutely love a good wedding.  It’s not only the bride and groom who look forward to the big day – it’s also their guests

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023

Teddy Bear Party Ideas for Kids

Teddy Bear Party Ideas for Kids
Throwing a teddy bear party is so much fun! Whether you're having a traditional teddy bears picnic, or a build-a-bear party, there are so many cute ideas to use. Here are some of our favourite teddy bear party ideas to guide you through every step of your party!


Get creative and make your own birthday invitations! We are loving these adorable panda invitations by Petit Fernand, but you could make these into any type of bear that best suits your party. Teddy Bear Party Ideas for Kids - Petit Fernand Featured Image: Petit Fernand If you want an easier option, you can't go wrong with beautiful personalised invitations from Dotty about Paper. Containing all of your personalised details and with free envelopes, it is so easy to send them to your party guests. Teddy Bear Party Ideas for Kids - Kids Birthday Invitations - Fun Party Bear Featured Product: Kids Birthday Invitations - Fun Party Bear It is also an affordable choice that guests will love.


A teddy bear onesie makes the perfect costume for any bear party! They are super affordable, easy to wear, and there are so many types around, so you can easily find one that you love. Teddy Bear Party Ideas for Kids - eHow Featured Image: eHow Alternatively, have the children dress in their normal party clothes and hand out bear headbands with adorable ears on.

Teddy Bear Party Decorations

Is there any better teddy bear party than a picnic? We don't think so! For a picnic, the ideal venue is in your garden or a local park. Decorate with cute picnic baskets, gingham picnic blankets, and helium balloons. Teddy Bear Party Ideas for Kids - Mind My Beeswax Featured Image: Mind My Beeswax For an indoor party, decorate with gingham bunting and lots of cute teddy bears around the room.


Once everyone has arrived, its time for some activities and party games! Here are our favourite ideas. Build-a-bear Kids will love a build-a-bear party - whether that's at the shop itself or DIY. Teddy Bear Party Ideas for Kids - Par-T-Pets Featured Image: Par-T-Pets Why not buy your own bear making kit, and spend the afternoon getting creative at home? It's an amazing idea for smaller birthday parties, and will leave kids with their own bear to treasure, too. Colouring in For quieter parties, a bit of colouring in is ideal. Hand out cute bear print outs and have the children colour them in. The best one could win a prize, such as tasty gummy bears! Sleeping Bears An adaption to the traditional sleeping lions. Have children pretend to be sleeping bears on the floor, and the adults can be the hunters! Whoever moves or laughs on the floor will also become a hunter. The last bear wins!


There are so many cute food ideas that are perfect for a teddy bear party, especially an adorable picnic. Firstly, you will want sandwiches or pizzas in teddy bear shapes. To really get into the bear theme, honey sandwiches are ideal! For a lighter snack, add 'Pombear' crisps, fruit, and tasty cupcakes. Teddy Bear Party Ideas for Kids - Hungry Happenings Featured Image: Hungry Happenings Cupcakes in the shape of bears and paw-prints are perfect.

Party favours

Send guests home with a teddy bear themed party bag! Fun party favours to include in your bags are teddy bear friendship bracelets, a slice of birthday cake, and a small teddy bear toy, too. Teddy Bear Party Ideas for Kids - Party Teddy Bear - Party Bag & Sticker - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Party Teddy Bear - Party Bag & Sticker - Pack of 10 Our party bags come in a wide range of styles and are so easy to use. Simply write your guests names onto the stickers, add to the bags, and then fill them up with goodies. We hope you have found this blog useful! For more party inspiration, you can also check out the rest of our blogs.
Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic Thumbnail

Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic

A teddy bear picnic is a birthday theme that both boys and girls will love! To celebrate International Picnic Day, we're taking a look at some irresistibly cute ideas to inspire a truly magical teddy bears picnic theme.

Teddy Bear Picnic Invitations

Start the fun with adorable personalised invitations. A teddy bear design introduces the party theme and gets the children ready for an outdoors adventure. Don't forget to include all the important details, like the time and location. You could also remind the kids to bring their favourite teddy bear along to the picnic. Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bears Picnic Invitation Featured Design: 'Teddy Bears Picnic'


No picnic is complete without a traditional red and white gingham blanket! The pattern will give any party a classic picnic feel, and it can always be reused for family picnics in the future. Add a wicker basket packed with treats, set up some stuffed bears and child-friendly cutlery, and you're ready to welcome the guests. For larger parties, you can serve food up in individual bags rather than putting them inside the basket. Our party bags and stickers are perfect for this! Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bears Picnic Blanket Blanket: All Things Brighton Beautiful Hang some bunting around fences or trees to add some colour - if you're having an indoors party, you can add bunting to the walls. For something different, check out this cute felt teddy bear face bunting! It makes a lovely birthday gift for decorating your child's bedroom after the party. Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bear's Picnic Bunting - CosyFeltCreations - Etsy Bunting: CosyFeltCreations

Food & Drink

It's easy to make adorable teddy-themed snacks! To start, buy a bear-shaped cookie cutter to create some delicious sandwiches and biscuits that the kids will love. Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bear's Picnic Cutters - Party Delights Cookie Cutters: Party Delights Cupcakes are a must-have for any birthday party. Bake up your child's favourite flavours, then decorate with teddy bear picnic toppers and wrappers to make them extra-special. Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bear's Picnic Cupcake wrappers and toppers - ThePartyArtisan - Etsy Cupcake Decorations: ThePartyArtisan You will also need a spectacular birthday cake! So, why not get creative and give this lovely recipe a go? Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bear's Picnic Cake - Little Button Diaries Cake: Little Button Diaries If you're not confident in your baking skills, you can always purchase a beautiful ready-made cake, like this one from Marks & Spencer. Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bear's Picnic Cake - Marks & Spencer Cake: Marks & Spencer

Party Games

Have fun with face-painting after the picnic. Children will love having cute teddy bear faces painted on before the games begin. For an outdoor scavenger hunt with a twist, hide small teddy bear toys for the children to discover. Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic - Teddy Bears You could start the party with this game, then enjoy the snacks once all the teddy bear 'guests' have been gathered up. Finish the day with party bags filled with teddy treats, including a small stuffed bear.