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“dotty” about our planet!

Our slogan, ‘Personal. Beautiful. Thoughtful.’, doesn’t just apply to the look of our products, but also how they are made. We’re “dotty about our planet” and put a lot of thought into the manufacturing of our products. We take our stationery from a fun idea to a beautiful and personal product, all while striving to ensure that we are not harming our planet.

As a growing business, we have a responsibility to do our best for our planet and reduce our impact on the environment as much as we can. We are investing in programmes that help us reduce the amount of energy we use when creating, packaging, and posting our products, helping them get to you, our lovely customers, in a way that benefits both you and our environment.

Our Products

You can rest assured that products manufactured by are all widely recyclable. All our greetings cards, invitations, and envelopes are 100% recyclable, which means they have a limited impact on our planet. We have removed all cellophane from our greetings cards. Where used in our other products, it is widely recyclable. We also do not use plastic glitter in our manufacturing and our foil cards are also widely recyclable.

Forests play a crucial part in our ecosystem. They provide us with clean oxygen and protect us from climate change. Many forests are increasingly under threat from the trade in illegal timber. We ensure all our paper and card materials are sourced sustainably and can be traced right back to the trees from which they came!

We are proud to be a member of the Carbon Club, an initiative that allows organisations and businesses to address their climate impact through ‘carbon capturing’. We are involved in a number of Woodland Creation and Peatland Restoration projects that offset the carbon created in our processes in an effort to benefit the country, the landscape, and the global environment. All projects are certified to the Woodland Carbon Code. (For more information, see Forest Carbon.)

Our Packaging

We are always looking at ways to reduce our packaging. We ensure your purchases are delivered to you safely with no excess packaging. Our cellos and packaging materials are also widely recyclable.

Our Eco-Friendly Studio

We are so lucky. Working in our beautiful riverside studio in Bridgnorth, Shropshire reminds us of how important it is to keep our environment healthy! We have reduced the amount of waste we produce within the office by moving our files from paper to online and only printing when absolutely necessary. Any waste that is created is 100% recycled through our partnership with Cartwrights Waste Disposal, ensuring minimal waste goes to landfill.

Made in the UK

Our stationery is designed, printed, and hand-packed in the UK, meaning that your stationery won’t travel far before arriving at your door!

Ensuring all of our products were manufactured in the UK has always been of great importance to us. Not only does this give us the chance to help the environment by lowering our carbon footprint, but it ensures that we can check the source and quality of the materials and be assured that everyone involved in the production is paid a fair wage that meets UK standards.

It Won’t Stop There...

When you buy from dotty about paper you can do so with the confidence of knowing you are doing your bit for the environment. We are committed as a business to continually investigate, improve, and adopt better practices. This is to ensure our processes and products do not have a negative impact on the environment, but actively improve it!