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Wedding Invitations

What Time Do You Put on a Wedding Invite?

Whose name should be placed first on the wedding invitation? Here is the answer you are looking for!

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023
Wedding Invitations

Three Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitations

I absolutely love a good wedding.  It’s not only the bride and groom who look forward to the big day – it’s also their guests

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023

How staying organised can save you money

How staying organised can save you money
Being organised can be challenging in everyday life. We put together a guide on how stationery can help to save yourmoney.
College and University - The Ultimate Stationery Checklist!

College and University - The Ultimate Stationery Checklist!

So, you're off to college or university? Amazing! These are such exciting times, so you'll definitely need exciting new stationery to make it even better. But exactly what do you need? Here is our ultimate stationery checklist, with a few of our favourite Dotty products, too!

The Ultimate Stationery Checklist for College and University:

  • Pens and Pencils
  • Desk Planner
Zoom image Featured Product: Be-Leaf In Yourself - Desk Planner A desk planner is an amazing way to stay organised when you're at college or university. There's plenty of space to write down your lecture times, tutoring sessions, lunch dates, and so much more! There's even a weekend box so you can keep track of those weekend plans. Here at Dotty about Paper, we have a wide range of beautiful designs available, so whether you prefer bold prints or simple stationery, you're sure to find something that you love. It also makes the ideal decoration to spruce up any desk.
  • A4 Binders
  • Highlighters
  • Notebook
Dotty about Paper Sweet Sherbet Dreams Featured Product: Sweet Sherbet Dreams - A5 Chunky Notebook One of the most important pieces of stationery that you will need is a notebook. You can keep everything you need all in one place! Fill with notes, essays, doodles - anything. Our chunky notebooks are perfect for college or uni as they have so many pages! Find your ideal notebook here.
  • Post-it notes
  • Diary or Planner
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • List pad
College and University - The Ultimate Stationery Checklist! - Got To Dash - Luxury List Pad Featured Product: Got To Dash - Luxury List Pad Another essential stationery item is a list pad. This is the perfect place for writing quick lists and notes, from shopping lists to assignments. So useful!
  • Paper clips
  • Stapler (and staples!)
  • Pencil Case
  • Notecards
Neat Pencil - Blue - Personalised A6 Note Card - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Neat Pencil - Blue - Personalised A6 Note Card Our note cards are perfect for writing notes to family and friends. If you are moving away for uni, it's an amazing way to stay in touch, and your loved ones are sure to appreciate it! Check out our full range of designs here - we have everything from rainbows to polka dots.
  • Tipp-ex
  • Calculator
We hope you have found this blog useful. For more stationery help, head over to our blog. We have a blog for everything!
Working With Your Partner

How to Survive Working From Home With Your Partner

Sometimes living with your partner can be stressful enough! So how are you supposed to survive working at home with them? From their annoying taste in radio to their irritating customer service voice, we understand how frustrating it can be to work together! Here are our top tips to survive (and thrive!) when working at home with your partner:

Personal Space

Our first tip is to have personal space. Both of you will want designated work areas that are apart. At first it may seem super fun to be able to work together from the same table, but you are sure to clash over this eventually. You don’t normally see each other during the day, so you don’t need to now! It’s best to set up your new work areas in two different rooms, giving you plenty of space to have a messy desk and make loud conference calls in peace. So whether you live in a one-bed apartment, or a three-bedroom home, you should try and give each other as much space as possible. If you’re wondering how to create your own workspace at home, be sure to check out our other blog full of top tips!

Lunch breaks

It’s up to you and your partner whether you would like to have your lunch breaks together. On the one hand, it can be nice to catch up, and spend some quality time together. But you can also use this lunch break to get some much-needed rest. It’s completely up to you! If you do decide to have them together, then remember to keep an eye on the clock, and make sure to stick to your normal work hours as much as you can. It can be easy to get carried away with a chat! Don’t forget to wash up any plates that you’ve used for lunch – dirty plates can cause arguments.


The key to any strong relationship is communication - and the same applies when working together! How to Survive Working From Home With Your Partner Discuss any issues that you are experiencing, and remain open and honest to come to solutions.

Stay Positive

Our top tip is to stay positive! This period of working together won’t last forever, and you should try to enjoy it as much as possible. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more advice on how to work from home, check out our other blogs.
How to Not Feel Isolated During Self-Isolation

How to Not Feel Isolated During Self-Isolation

With the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), this is a scary and confusing time for so many of us and can feel incredibly lonely. Whilst many of us are self-isolating with our partners or kids, it can still be a very unsettling and isolated time. We’ve prepared some tips to help you out. These are our top tips for not feeling isolated during self-isolation:

Stay in touch

Staying in touch with friends, family, and co-workers during this time is key to not feeling lonely. Everyone is going through this situation together, and you'd be surprised by how many people feel as isolated as you do. Phone calls and video calls are excellent for communicating during this time, and great for staying connected. Your kids can also stay connected with their friends and family over the phone, making the situation much easier for everyone to deal with. How to Not Feel Isolated During Self-Isolation - Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Bright Summer Flowers Featured Image: Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Bright Summer Flowers You could also take this time to write some letters to loved ones. Writing letters is definitely a lost art, but can be so much fun and is sure to brighten up someone’s day. Check out our blog 'Long Lost Tradition of Writing Cards' to find out our reasons for writing letters and cards!

Organise things after work

If you are working from home, be sure to organise some things to do that are away from this. Getting busy with activities and hobbies is proving to be difficult when everyone is staying home, but there are still different things that you can get up to after work. Whether that’s studying, practising yoga over video call with a friend, or helping the kids with some artwork. There are lots of things you can occupy yourself with.

Find a distraction

Likewise, another top tip for not feeling isolated is to find a healthy distraction to keep you busy. Cleaning This really is the perfect time to get ahead with your cleaning, and have a traditional 'Spring Clean'. Whether that’s just getting the laundry out of the way, or having a full clean-out, it can feel incredibly therapeutic, and it's another thing you won't have to worry about after the isolation has finished. Anything that you don’t use can be donated to a charity after, so it's also a great way to help those in need. You may also want to start selling your items online as an easy way to get some extra cash. Cook or bake If you enjoy getting creative in the kitchen, why not take this time to try out some new recipes, and make some delicious meals. Put the music on, and get cooking! Exercise You may also want to use this time to stay healthy! It can be very tempting to eat all of the snacks when you have nothing else to do, but it's probably not a good idea. Use online workouts to stay on track with your exercise, and find like-minded people. Plan for the future This is also a great time to plan for the future. Maybe you have found that you can easily live with less, or have realised what your true priorities are. Set some goals for yourself, and find out ways to achieve your dreams.

Take up a new skill

Why not take up a new skill? It can be so much fun, and is a great way to meet people. You can really make time for skills you otherwise wouldn’t have time for. Learn a language The average language takes around 500 hours to learn - but you have the time now! Some perks of learning a second language include boosted brain power and memory, making new friends, and wider job opportunities. Learn to play an instrument An instrument is another fun skill to take up, and will take around 1,000 hours to master. This sounds like a lot, but an hour a day soon adds up! You can order an instrument online to be delivered - so there really are no excuses to finally learn that instrument you've been interested in for years. Start a small business Make the most out of your talents by starting a small business. There is a market for so many different things. So whether you’re into crafting, designing, or cleaning, you can make the most of this.

Get out of the house as much as possible

Staying inside all day can definitely cause sad feelings, and make you feel even more isolated. We recommend to get out of the house as much as you can, even if that’s just to the garden. Remember not to visit public places as much as you can, as this can further the spread of Coronavirus, but to go out safely. We hope this blog has been useful! For more help and advice regarding Coronavirus and working from home, be sure to check out our other recent blogs.
How to Work From Home With Kids

How to Work From Home With Kids

Working from home with your kids can seem daunting. If you haven't been in this situation before, then it can be tricky to handle. But, it can (and will) be done successfully! Here are our top tips for working at home with kids:

Establish a routine

The first step in being able to successfully work at home with kids is to establish a routine that works for both them, and you. To prevent both you and your kids from mindlessly snacking, set up meal times throughout the day. This will be beneficial for your health, as you will get some much needed time away from the computer screen, and won't be having unnecessary nibbles. You may want to prepare your meals the night before or in the morning, to ensure your time throughout the day is used efficiently. How to Work From Home With Kids Play time is also an essential for kids! Set them up with a wide range of toys to keep themselves occupied, and be sure to join in every once in a while. If you have younger kids, be sure to add nap time into this routine. This will allow you some time to seriously buckle down and get things done. Remember to be realistic with your schedule. You may struggle to fit everything that you had planned in - but that's okay!

Reward Systems

Having a reward system with your kids is perfect for this situation. You can reward your kids for keeping themselves entertained and behaving well whilst you're at home. The positive reinforcements will motivate them to keep up these good behaviours. How to Work From Home With Kids - Unicorn Magic - Personalised Reward Chart & Reusable Stickers Featured Product: Unicorn Magic - Personalised Reward Chart & Reusable Stickers A reward chart is the perfect way to do this. Every day your child will collect stickers for their good behaviour, and at the end of the week will get a treat. Such as pocket money or a movie night.

Set boundaries

Don't be afraid to set boundaries! You can't be there for your kids all the time, and you need to let them know this. Explain that you will be spending most of your day working, and that it is important for you to have alone time. Reassure them that you will still be there to play with them, and that you won't be far away.

Have a dedicated workspace

Another tip that is sure to help you out is having a dedicated workspace to do all of your office work. You will find it hard to work if you're using your laptop on the sofa. Instead, set up a table, add a touch of desk stationery, and keep all your work related things together. It will help you get into the right head-space, and will keep your work and home life that little bit more separate! How to Work From Home With Kids - Be-Leaf In Yourself - Desk Planner Featured Product: Be-Leaf In Yourself - Desk Planner If you have younger kids, be sure to set up your workspace in the same room that they will be spending most of their time, so you can keep an eye on them. For more tips on creating your workspace, check out our other helpful blog 'How to Create the Perfect Workspace'.

Take breaks

Ensure that you are taking regular breaks, and that you are using this time to give your kids your attention. Play a game with them, or read them a book. This will keep you both happy, and ensure that you're still having quality time together. A 20 minute break every 2 hours will also break up your day into more manageable chunks.

Let go of perfectionism

Some parents really struggle when working at home with their kids, as they want to be giving both their kids and their work 100%. This is not possible! During this period of working from home, you need to let go of perfectionism. This may mean that you do let your kids watch more TV than usual, or you let them have a few extra snacks throughout the day. This is okay! As long as you know that your kids are healthy, safe, and happy, then that's all that matters.

A helping hand

If you live with your partner, you should also ask them if they are willing to split the kids time with you, so that you have more time for work. Splitting tasks will help you both stay sane when working from home! We hope that this blog has given you some useful ideas for how to work from home with kids! Check out our other blogs for more advice on working from home, and much more.
How to Create the Perfect Workspace

How to Create the Perfect Workspace

With many people suddenly working from home, they may be wondering how to create the perfect workspace. Here are our top tips:

Keep your workspace tidy

The most important thing to having a productive workspace is keeping your area tidy. You will struggle to work hard if your space is a mess. Handy storage solutions will help you get your desk organised. Folders, storage boxes, shelves, and draws will ensure that you can keep all of your work neatly organised. How to Create the Perfect Workspace You may also want some handy stationery, such as a stapler and paper clips to keep your paperwork neat, as well as some colourful pens to add some vibrancy to your desk.

Make it cosy

Whilst you want your office to be tidy and smart, you don't want it to be too boring! Add a touch of personality to your workspace to make your office truly cosy. A framed print will also make your desk feel more comfortable, whether that's a framed photo of your dog, or a motivational business print. Plus, every time you look at it, you'll be motivated to keep working hard! You may even want a cosy cushion and a small throw to make your office space feel more relaxing - but don't overdo it!

Be practical

Another great tip for a successful workplace is to use lots of practical desk stationery. How to Create the Perfect Workspace - Pinking Out Loud - Luxury List Pad Featured Product: Pinking Out Loud - Luxury List Pad A handy list pad is perfect for jotting down any small notes or ideas, whilst a chunky notebook is perfect for going into more detail. How to Create the Perfect Workspace - Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Desk Planner Featured Product: Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Desk Planner Our popular desk planners are also great for keeping yourself organised, and achieving goals. Plus, with a wide range of designs available, it's easy to inject some style into your workplace! Pair with a smart personalised pen to feel super organised.

Don't get distracted

Our final tip is to make sure that there's nothing too distracting at your workspace. Listening to music or the radio can seem like it will help, but can be distracting. We would also recommend to not have your workspace by a window if possible. You may find yourself gazing out quite frequently - especially if people are walking past! We hope this blog has helped you out! For more tips on working from home, be sure to check out our other blogs.
Working from Home Tips

Working from Home Tips

We know that working from home can be daunting. It's even harder than usual to have a work-life balance, when they're both happening in the same place! Don't panic! We are here to help you out with our top tips for working from home:

Tidy workspace

Our first tip to successfully being productive at home is to have a designated workspace, and keep it tidy! Whether that's having your laptop on your dining room table, setting up your PC in the corner of your living room, or you have your own home office, it's essential to keep that area just for working. Working from Home Tips - Pink Bee - A5 Exercise Books - Pack of 2 and Got To Dash - Desk Planner Featured Products: Pink Bee - A5 Exercise Books - Pack of 2 and Got To Dash - Desk Planner Make sure that you completely avoid working from the sofa or in bed. Although this can be tempting, it will make you tired and sluggish. Plus once your mind associates your bed with working, you will find it harder to get that much needed rest at night!


You can get organised when working at home with a range of luxurious desk stationery. Working from Home Tips - Pinking Out Loud - A5 Chunky Notebook Featured Product: Pinking Out Loud - A5 Chunky Notebook Desk planners and handy notebooks are perfect for collecting notes, making schedules, and staying on track. Far better than some loose post-it notes! Plus, with so many different styles available, it really adds a beautiful touch to your workplace. Working from Home Tips - Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen - Choice of Colour Featured Product: Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen - Choice of Colour Coloured pens will add a touch of fun to your notes, and make your office space look bright and cheerful. Alternatively, a smart new black pen will help you keep in the work mood, and can be used when you're back in the office.

Working Routine

The most crucial thing during this period is to stick to your normal working routine. So if you work 9-5 in your office, you should try and replicate that at home. You may also want to make sure that you're wearing smart clothing. You will struggle getting into the work mode with your pyjamas on! Working from Home Tips Be sure to also take breaks. Whether that's the same 30-minute break you would normally have at work, or three 10-minute breaks throughout the day, it's completely up to you. We know that it's super easy to be lazy when you're at home, but it really doesn't do anything for mental health or productivity - so don't do it!

Set boundaries

Working from home when there are other people around can be frustrating, so be sure to set boundaries with those who live with you. People may assume that now you're working from home, you can spend more time doing housework or looking after pets, when you can't! If you have children that are old enough to look after themselves, be sure to explain to them that you are busy, and need to get work done. You may find it useful to allow them to have more TV time to keep them distracted - just make sure it doesn't become a regular thing!

Stay healthy

It is also important to remember to eat healthily and stay active during this period. Although it can be tempting to sit around eating snacks all day long, unhealthy food will make you feel more sluggish and you're guaranteed to be less productive. Working from Home Tips Exercise is also important for staying healthy at home. We recommend a simple walk around the garden in the afternoon, or some morning yoga. It's easy to do, and will make you feel so much better!
We hope you have enjoyed this blog. Be sure to leave your best working from home recommendations below! We would love to hear them.
How to Personalise Notecards

How to Personalise Notecards

Receiving a personalised card is always appreciated, whether the correspondence is directed to business associates, customers, or friends and family. Personalised notecards make a great addition to your stationery set, and you’ll never need another shop-bought card once you’ve designed and customised your own.
Most online stationery companies enable you to make personalised notecards that can include photos, company logos, and much more. You can upload your own artwork or choose something suitable from a selection of professionally designed templates that are provided for you on the site.
Here’s how to make a personalised notecard.

Choose a size

First of all, decide what size you want your notecards to be. The most popular choices are square, portrait, or poster layout.

Choose a theme

How to Personalise Notecards - Globe - Personalised A6 Note Card Featured Product: Globe - Personalised A6 Note Card Next, decide on the theme that you want for your design. Most online stationery providers offer a wide range of different themes, so you can be sure of finding something to suit your vision. For example, if you’re designing birthday invitations, you might want to feature images of balloons, candles on a cake, or a photo of the birthday boy or girl when they were much younger.
If the card isn’t perfect to start with, don’t worry; you can make changes to the design later in the process.

Choose an image

Now, decide on the image you wan to have on your notecard. If the cards are for your business, you might want to feature a photograph of your product or your company logo. Alternatively, if the notecards are for family and friends, you may choose a snap of yourself, a pet, or a relative.

Compose a message with customised text

How to Personalise Notecards - Fun Kraft Paper Flowers - Personalised A6 Note Card Featured Product: Fun Kraft Paper Flowers - Personalised A6 Note Card
Finally, compose a message for your card. Once you’ve decided on what you want to say, experiment with different text formats, colours, sizes, spacing, opacity, and alignment.
For business cards, use a formal font that’s easy to read. If the cards are for family and friends, you could go more off-piste and try using fancy fonts and bright colours.

Download the card for instant sharing

Once you're happy with your card, you can download it for printing. Alternatively, you may prefer to share the card via email, Twitter, Facebook, or another platform.

Final thoughts

Creating personalised notecards online is quick, easy, and extremely cost-effective. Choose your preferred card size, select a theme, pick an image, compose a greeting, and you’re good to go!
What Are the Benefits of Using a Desk Planner?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Desk Planner?

In these days of high-tech living, it can be easy to think that we've got it all under control with our multiple gadgets and devices. Sometimes, however, the demands of the modern age can be overwhelming and we realise that we're not quite as organised as we first thought. That's where the desk planner steps in. Both convenient and simple, this item of stationery is perfect for keeping you on task without seeming demanding and complicated.

Stay on track with an immediate view of your week

One of the main benefits of a desk planner is that it allows you to focus on one week at a time. You can glance down and clearly see your plans and requirements for the day during a phone or video call, or in the middle of a work project. You can make a note of all the things you have to do under each day without having to check multiple different sections of a diary or smartphone just to keep yourself on track.
What Are the Benefits of Using a Desk Planner? - Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Desk Planner
Consider opting for the Sweet Sherbet Dreams Desk Planner if you're looking for a subtle, vintage design that will help you to stay organised throughout the working week.

Make a note of important occasions

With a desk planner, there's no need to panic because you've suddenly realised that you've forgotten to buy a birthday gift or turn up for a party. There's a handy section called “don't forget” to make sure that you are always prepared. If you're a busy parent, you can use this part to remind yourself about an upcoming dance recital or school performance.
What Are the Benefits of Using a Desk Planner? - Kids Birthday Invitations - Dinosaur World
If you have a child with a birthday around the corner, you can also make a note to send out a batch of friendly invitations, such as our Dinosaur World Invitations along with other important steps.

Keep on top of your weekend plans

A desk planner allows you to quickly view your weekend commitments so that you don't double book yourself. This is essential for busy families where two adults might be responsible for making plans for the children at different times. You can place the desk planner in your kitchen or home office, allowing everyone to pop over and check it before signing up for events and activities.
What Are the Benefits of Using a Desk Planner? - Got To Dash - Desk Planner
Featured Product: Got To Dash - Desk Planner
You can opt for a bright, colourful version or a subtler, monochrome version, such as the Got To Dash Desk Planner.
For more information about our wide range of desk planners and other essential stationery items, contact us at Dotty About Paper or browse our website.
How to Use Your Desk Planner

How to Use Your Desk Planner

Looking to get more organised? The idea of purchasing a pretty desk planner can be very appealing, but it's essential that you use it properly and avoid letting it sit under your laptop. We've compiled our top 5 tips on how to use a desk planner effectively, so you can avoid ever missing an important appointment again!

1. Plan the week ahead

This may seem obvious, but it's a good idea to sit down at the start of the week and plan your general tasks. Include things such as any appointments you may have, or any small jobs you need to carry out but which could be forgotten easily. That way you can estimate the busyness of each day and be prepared should anything else crop up into the schedule.

2. Use the daily planner

This is where you can add detail! Once you have planned for the week, you can include all your more minor and specific goals using each day on your desk planner. How to Use Your Desk Planner - Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Desk Planner Featured Product: Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Desk Planner The biggest highlight of the daily section is how large the writing space is. If you love to plan ahead, then our desk planners offer plenty of room for you to include everything you may want to achieve that day. From writing down what outfit you want to wear to planning your workouts and meal options, it can mean that you really are prepared for the day ahead.

3. Be specific

When planning your day on the daily pages, it is important to include specific details. Instead of simply writing 'send emails,' you should write the details, such as 'send email to Jess to RSVP to her birthday party.' You'll not only be more likely to complete the task, but you'll also be able to predict how much time you will require to complete the task.

4. Only use one planner

Desk planners are great because they are so large, meaning there's space to keep track of all your tasks. Using more than one planner will confuse your schedule, and you're more likely to miss an appointment or not get a task done. How to Use Your Desk Planner - Pinking Out Loud - Desk PlannerFeatured Product: Pinking Out Loud - Desk Planner Instead, optimise your desk planner by colour-coding for better separation, such as highlighting work tasks in pink and personal tasks in blue.

5. Have a regular planning session

It's very easy to have one very efficient day of planning, and then missing it for a couple of days. You should set a time each day to sit down at your desk planner to check and note down any additional tasks. This may be better to do at the start of the day so you can plan your time wisely. How to Use Your Desk Planner - Be-Leaf In Yourself - Desk Planner Featured Product: Be-Leaf In Yourself - Desk Planner So there you have it! Our top 5 tips to help you use your desk planner effectively. All that's left to do now is purchase your perfect one. Take a look at our colourful range.
How to Use a Desk Planner

How to Use a Desk Planner

A desk planner is a great way to get organised! This stationery can add style to your workplace and help you keep track of all your important jobs and appointments. But how do you get the most out of your stationery? Check out our helpful tips!

Choose a Desk Planner Style

The first step is our favourite! Finding a beautiful desk planner will make it so much more fun to use. A great design will motivate you to keep your planner in sight, which will make it easier to check up on your notes. Plus, who doesn't love a stylish and coordinated set of desk stationery? How to use a desk planner - Sweet Sherbet Dreams Collection Featured Design: Sweet Sherbet Dreams

Have a Planning Session

Found your perfect planner? The next step is to start adding content. Schedule a regular planning session to map the week ahead onto your planner. Use this time to think about what you'll need to remember and write them onto the relevant day. Depending on the style of stationery you've bought, the planner may show one week or one month per page. So, think about how far ahead you want to plan during your session. We recommend taking each week at a time, however, in order to stop it becoming overwhelming!

Add Specific Reminders

When you're writing notes onto your planner, make sure to be specific. Your planner should remind you what you need to do, not leave you confused! While keeping your notes brief is a good idea, just don't make them too vague. For example, if you have a meeting with your boss at a certain time and place, don't just put 'meeting'. Jot down the essential information you need to remember. How to Use a Desk Planner - Pinking Out Loud Stationery Featured Design: Pinking Out Loud

Keeping Updating

Keep adding to your planner throughout the week as new tasks and appointments come through. Or, if the details of an appointment have changed, update your planner with the new information. While your weekly planning session will help you focus on the week ahead, regular updates are a must-have for a flexible schedule.

Check Daily

Make it a routine to check your desk planner every day. Review the tasks ahead so you're up-to-date on what you need to do. Pick a time that works for you. For example, you might prefer to look at your planner in the morning while enjoying breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere.


If you have followed the steps above, you're on your way to becoming an organisation pro! Try to stick to your routine planning session and remember to keep checking and updating your planner. This will help you get the most out of your desk stationery. How to Use a Desk Planner - Got To Dash Stationery Featured Design: Got To Dash
How to Not Feel Isolated During Self-Isolation

National Writing Day - Long Lost Tradition of Writing Cards

With everyone communicating through social media and text messages, writing letters and cards has almost become a forgotten tradition. Sending greetings cards dates back hundreds of years, but it’s still super special and relevant today. Here are the reasons why we love writing cards (and why you should too!).

1) Loved ones will appreciate it

Kraft Scattered Flowers - Personalised A6 Note Card - Pack of 10 Featured product: Kraft Scattered Flowers - Personalised A6 Note Card No matter your age, receiving a card is always so exciting! Whether you’re sending a classic greetings card for a special occasion or just a note to say thanks for being there, a handwritten card is sure to make someone’s day. We think that writing a card is such a simple way to remind someone how much they mean to you.

2) It can be a special keepsake

Long Lost Tradition of Writing Cards - Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Bright Summer Flowers Featured product: Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Bright Summer Flowers Whilst a text is forgotten about within minutes, a heartfelt message written with pen and paper is likely to be cherished forever by the ones you love. Cards and letters are perfect for capturing a moment in time and never letting it be forgotten.

3) Keep in touch

Lost touch with an old friend? Reach out with a special letter! This extra bit of effort really shows that you care. It’s sure to make them smile. Plus, you get the excitement of waiting for their reply in the post!

4) It's a great way to get creative

Long Lost Tradition of Writing Cards - Vintage Flowers - Thank You Notelet - Pack of 20 Featured product: Vintage Flowers - Thank You Notelet - Pack of 20 Writing a letter doesn’t have to be boring! Get creative by expressing your feelings in a unique way. Perhaps try writing a poem. A funny rhyming verse will go down a treat with friends and family, whilst a classic Shakespearean sonnet is super romantic for your partner. You could also add illustrations alongside your message to give it an extra special touch.

5) It's romantic

Who doesn’t love a bit of romance? We find that many couples like to give their significant other a special card to open on the morning of their wedding day. This is a great way to express your feelings, plus it makes a lovely keepsake. Love letters and romantic cards can also be passed down the generations so your children and grandchildren can look back fondly on your special memories. It also makes a beautiful tradition. Super sweet!

6) Practice your writing

Long Lost Tradition of Writing Cards - Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Notelet Writing Set - Pack of 20 Featured product: Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Notelet Writing Set So many modern jobs involve working at computers or away from a desk. This means writing has become a rare activity for lots of people. And even if you do write regularly, it can still be a struggle to write in a neat and presentable way! Greetings cards are not only a great way to express yourself, but they’re also ideal for practising your handwriting. Looking for a new hobby? Try out calligraphy! It makes your handwritten cards, letters, and invites just that little bit more special.

7) It's a great excuse for new stationery

Long Lost Tradition of Writing Cards - Got To Dash - Greetings Cards - Pack of 10 Featured product: Got To Dash - Greetings Cards If you’re going to be writing cards, why not treat yourself to some new stationery? As stationery lovers, we find that we always need fancy new pens and paper! Sending cards makes the perfect excuse to splash out.

8) It can make you happy

We’ve talked about how you can make someone’s day by sending them a personal card. But writing notes can make you feel better, too. Taking some time out to sit down, relax, and focus on a creative activity can be a great way to unwind. Plus, knowing that you’re doing something special for someone else is very rewarding! Overall, we think there are so many different benefits to writing cards. No matter the occasion, sending cards is such a lovely thing to do, and a tradition that should be continued for later generations. Why not write a card today?