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Wedding Invitations

What Time Do You Put on a Wedding Invite?

Whose name should be placed first on the wedding invitation? Here is the answer you are looking for!

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023
Wedding Invitations

Three Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitations

I absolutely love a good wedding.  It’s not only the bride and groom who look forward to the big day – it’s also their guests

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023

How Do You Politely Ask for Gifts on an Anniversary Invitation?

How Do You Politely Ask for Gifts on an Anniversary Invitation?

Everyone loves gifts, and most people would be lying if they said they didn't want to receive them! So, how can you politely ask for gifts on an anniversary invitation?

Generic Gifts

If you just love surprises and would like to receive any gift, it's an easy situation to be in. Firstly, you may find that most of your party guests bring gifts with them without you having to ask, so you don't really have to worry about it.

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If you definitely want to let people know that you would like to receive a gift, simply add 'Gifts would be appreciated' to the bottom of your invitations. It's simple and straight to the point, as well as being polite.

Specific Gifts

If you are after a more specific gift, there are different ways to handle this. Gift Registry Online gift registries are a popular option. You can put all the gifts on there that you would like to receive - whether that's a new tableware set, a coffee machine, or something completely random! You're unlikely to receive the same gift twice, as your registry will be updated once guests buy a gift. So useful! Simply add the address of your registry to your invitations to let everyone know about it. You could even share it online, too. Gift Poem Cards If you would prefer cash over gifts, you can ask for it with gift poem cards. These fun poem cards ask for cash in a polite poem format, and can be sent with an anniversary invitation, making them so easy.

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They are typically used for weddings, but they're super versatile so can be used for any occasion. Call me If you're feeling more cheeky, simply write 'Give me a call if you need gift ideas!' on the bottom of your invitations. It lets everyone know that you would like to receive gifts whilst remaining light-hearted.

We hope you this blog has given you some awesome anniversary invitation ideas! For even more anniversary party inspiration, also head over to our other blogs.

How Do You Have an Anniversary Party?

How Do You Have an Anniversary Party?

What better way to celebrate the precious years together than an anniversary party with friends and family! It's so much fun, and makes for magical memories. Here are our simple steps to hosting an amazing celebration:

Set your budget

Before getting into the details, you'll want to consider your budget. Parties can get expensive! Write down your budget for each part of your party, and consider unexpected expenses, too. Once you and your partner have settled on your budget, you can get started on the rest of your party planning.

Write your guest list

Next, sit down with your partner and write up a guest list. You'll want to invite close friends and family, as well as people who attended your wedding. Consider whether you will also be inviting plus ones and children to your anniversary party.

Date, time, and venue

Then choose a date and time for your event. Consider the day of the week, and month that you want your party to be held, as parties thrown mid-week or during busy holiday seasons are likely to have less people attending. You'll then want to find your ideal venue. There are many options available, depending on the style of your party. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - The Atrium Featured Image: The Atrium For fun chilled parties, you can't go wrong with hosting your party at home, or at a relative's house. It's super affordable, and you can decorate in any way that you like! If you're having a formal celebration, opt for a ballroom or a banquet room, and add style with classic decorations. Alternatively, a sit down meal at a restaurant is a great and easy way to get everybody together for a celebration.

Think about entertainment

What entertainment are you going to have at your party? You'll need something that will get everybody on the dance floor! How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - Steemit Featured Product: Steemit Popular options include live music or a DJ. Make sure that the music you have chosen is suitable for guests of all ages if you are having your family there. We recommend to write down a list of your favourite romantic songs, and give them to the entertainer. Maybe even your first dance song from your wedding! If you're having a more chilled party with close friends and family, a range of party games is the perfect entertainment. Think charades, the name game, or even board games!

Anniversary Party Food

Consider what food and drinks will be served at your anniversary party. If you are having a set menu, let guests know what food they'll be having in advance of the day. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - Bodasy Weddings Featured Image: Bodasy Weddings If a buffet is more your style, make sure you have a wide range of options to suit different dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. You will also need to consider what food children will like if you are having kids at your celebration.

Send invitations

After you have booked your venue and made all of your arrangements, choose some invitations! Consider if you are having a party theme or colour scheme, and choose invitations to match. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - 25th Foil Wedding Anniversary Invitations - Antique Swirls Featured Product: 25th Foil Wedding Anniversary Invitations - Antique Swirls Here are some details you may wish to include:
  • Your names
  • The amount of years that you've been married
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Dress code
  • Details about the food / drinks
  • RSVP details
Be sure to check out our full range of wedding anniversary invitations. We have so many beautiful styles which can all be personalised to the amount of years you have been together.

Get decorating

Add some more style to your venue with decorations. Your decorations can be as crazy or classic as you wish. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - AliExpressFeatured Image: AliExpress Depending on the anniversary that you're celebrating, you can take inspiration from tradition. E.g. for your 1st anniversary, which is also known as your 'paper anniversary', you could decorate with paper decorations, such as bunting and origami, etc. If you're wanting some more generic decorations, you really can't go wrong with lots of beautiful balloons - match to your colour scheme to complete your venue! Other decorations, such as candles, mason jars, and bunting, make the ideal finishing touches.

Make memories!

Now it's time to make some memories! You may wish to hire a photographer or videographer at your wedding anniversary party. It's a great way to capture those special moments with friends and family. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - Shimmering Dots - Silver Foil Guest Book Featured Product: Shimmering Dots - Silver Foil Guest Book A guest book is also another amazing way to capture the memories. Let all of your guests leave a heartfelt message - it makes the perfect keepsake. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more party inspiration, head over to our other blogs.
How Do You Say No Gifts on an Anniversary Invitation?

How Do You Say No Gifts on an Anniversary Invitation?

So, you're having a party for your wedding anniversary (congratulations!), and you don't know how to ask for gifts? We are here to help! Luckily for you, there are so many different ways that you can ask for gifts that are both super fun and polite. Here are a few of our favourite examples that you may wish to use:

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Wording Examples

  • No gifts, please! Your presence at our party is the only gift we need.
  • Gift us only with the honour of your presence.
  • The couple request no gifts.
  • No gifts, please.
  • Instead of gifts, you may make a donation to our chosen charity.
  • Instead of gifts, share your favourite memory of us on the back of your invitation, and bring it to the party!
  • Instead of gifts, bring your favourite recipe for our recipe book!
  • After 60 years, we need nothing more. The best present to us is you on the dance floor!
  • Please only bring your company and your appetite.
  • Your good wishes are the only gifts that we wish to receive.

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Simply add your wording to the bottom of your anniversary invitation, and send to your party guests. So easy! Don't forget to check out our full range of wedding anniversary party invitations, too! We have a wide range of different beautiful styles, for every party theme or milestone. So whether you've been married for one year or sixty years, you're sure to find a design that both you and your guests will love.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, and it has helped you write your perfect anniversary invitation! For more advice on wedding anniversaries (and so much more), check out our other helpful blogs. We are always happy to help!


What to Write in an Anniversary Invitation?

As we often get asked what wording you should include in anniversary invitations, we thought it would be useful to create an easy guide for you to follow.
How to...Stick to Your Budget

How to...Stick to Your Budget

Whenever you start to plan a celebration, one of the first things you are advised to do is set a budget. We all know that setting a budget is one thing – sticking to it is another thing all together! But, you can do it. Here are just a few ways you can make sure you keep control of the pennies, without compromising on quality. 1. Prioritise what you HAVE to have at the party. Write a list of the must haves – this will include: venue, food, drink, invitations and may include entertainment, decor, new clothes. Then write a list of would like to haves, such as a photographer, fireworks etc. Focus on prices for the must-haves. Once you have finalised a price for the necessities, you can see whether you have any money left for the rest. 2. The date – think about when you are going to have the celebration. For an occasion that is not time specific eg wedding or christening, you will get much better value for money in the winter. For a birthday or anniversary, obviously time-specific, some venues may be cheaper if you book midweek or in the afternoon. 3. Venue – village and community halls are very cheap to hire and many venues, such as sports clubs are free if you use their bar. If you want to go to a hotel, have a look at their all inclusive packages. 4. Food – many venues are quite happy for you to self cater for parties. In my own family we do this frequently and we always end up with a complete excess of gorgeous food – everyone likes to show off their speciality dish. You may also have someone who loves icing cakes – perhaps they could do that as a present for the event. 5. Drink – If you are buying a sparkling wine for the event, see if you can buy it on a return basis if you don’t use it all. Make up some cocktails (and mocktails) using soda water as part of the mixture. Guests do not necessarily expect free drink for the whole event, just let them know there will be a cash bar. 6. Other supplies – for other suppliers it really is worth shopping around. Many suppliers will have a tiered price structure, ranging from “bargain” to “premium” service and occasional sales and offers to make your pound go further. Here at The Card Gallery we have a permanent selection of affordable stationery collections plus frequent sales If you have got a budget for a specific service, tell the potential supplier up front. Ask them what they can do for £x amount – being up front with your budget means you are not wasting yours and their time. You can buy some fabulous party clothes on line, but a little tip from a dressmaker friend: buy at least one size too big, because it is always easier (and cheaper) to make the dress smaller than to expand it. When you are organising any celebration, remember that people want to enjoy themselves. Parties are a great way to catch up with family and friends and that is far more important than how much money you spend. You can have as much fun under a gazebo in the park as you can at a 4 star hotel.
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Presents

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Presents

August and September are the busiest months for weddings, so it goes without saying that it is the busiest time for wedding anniversaries too. For most couples the 25th anniversary, silver, is the first one they really celebrate with family and friends, followed by ruby (40th), gold (50th) and diamond (60th). According to Debrett’s, the silver and gold tradition arose in Medieval Germany when a husband gave his wife a present of a silver or gold wreath after 25 and 50 and years of marriage respectively – I suspect these were very rare back then. The diamond anniversary was first used to celebrate Queen Victoria’s reign and then became linked to 60th wedding anniversaries. It is not clear where these other “traditional” anniversaries come from – many seem to come from the USA in the earliest 20th century and are possibly attributed to commercial interests. The name for the anniversary gives a guide to the couple as to what to buy each other. So, if you need inspiration for an anniversary gift for your spouse, or you want to gain some points at the next pub quiz, here is the full list of “traditional” presents: 1st - Paper 2nd - Cotton 3rd - Leather 4th - Linen 5th - Wooden 6th - Iron 7th - Copper 8th - Bronze 9th - Pottery 10th - Tin 11th - Steel 12th - Silk & Fine Linen 13th - Lace 14th - Ivory 15th - Crystal 20th - China 25th - Silver 30th - Pearl 35th - Coral 40th - Ruby 50th - Gold 60th - Diamond 65th - Blue Sapphire 70th - Platinum 80th - Oak If you don’t like the idea of giving an iron gift, for instance, I have managed to locate some alternative anniversary lists, again probably developed for commercial purposes, but at least they can provide some alternative present or theme inspiration.
Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After

For many couples their wedding day is the fairytale, where you are the Prince and Princess for the day. But what happens after the honeymoon, when the memory of the day has faded? How do you live happily ever after? In any marriage the wedding is just the start of the story, there will be a lot of hard work ahead. The musical “Into The Woods”, due to be released as a film in December, gives a twisted view of what happens after the fairytale ending, but the reality can be so different. In February it was National Marriage Week, where individuals and organisations were challenged to focus on how the relationship can grow and flourish into a healthy marriage. Marriage is good for us – research in both the UK and Australia shows that married people are happier than singles, so it really is worth making the marriage work. All couples start out with good intentions and very few will imagine that their marriage will be one of the estimated 42% that end in divorce. There will be times, however, when the strongest marriage comes under stress. Typically it is when children arrive, when the children leave home or at retirement, but stress in the relationships can come from unemployment, change of job, caring for relatives, ill-health, financial concerns and a myriad of other issues. Before you know it that person who was your best friend and soul mate has become someone distant and unrecognisable. So here are some of the things you need to think about to make your marriage survive: • Tolerance and acceptance – nobody is perfect and you have to accept your partner for what they are. If you want things to change, change yourself and your partner may well follow. Say you are sorry if things go wrong. • Commitment – marriage should be approached as a life-long commitment. You owe that to your spouse, your family and yourself. • Good manners – don’t take each other for granted and appreciate your other half. Thank them for the things they do, tell them you love them and respect their feelings. • Care for each other by being attentive to each other, sharing hugs and holding hands. • Listen to what your partner is saying and pay attention to how they are saying it. Keep on communicating and don’t get defensive. Try to sit down with a cup of tea regularly to talk over issues before they get to breaking point. • Allow each other space to develop interests, but support your partner in those interests. Self-fulfilment allows you to love yourself and let other people love you. • Laugh together, make sure your life is fun where possible and have your own little jokes • Plan things together – make a list of what you would like to do together such as holidays, hobbies, walks, meals. Talk about what you can to do together when the children leave home or when you retire. Have things to look forward to. • Celebrate – your love for each other is a wonderful thing. Make sure you celebrate it by going out on dates regularly, writing love letters, making unexpected gestures. Build up the happy memories you have together, because these can help you through the harder times. As part of the celebration you should share your achievement with family and friends. Anniversaries, particularly Silver weddings (25 years), Ruby Weddings (40), Golden (50) and Diamond (60), are popular milestones. As people live longer new milestones are coming up: I know someone who has now celebrated two silver weddings and another couple approaching their 65th (blue sapphire) wedding anniversary. Surely a cause for celebration.