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Wedding Invitations

What Time Do You Put on a Wedding Invite?

Whose name should be placed first on the wedding invitation? Here is the answer you are looking for!

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023
Wedding Invitations

Three Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitations

I absolutely love a good wedding.  It’s not only the bride and groom who look forward to the big day – it’s also their guests

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023

What to Write in a Birthday Card for Your Dad

What to Write in a Birthday Card for Your Dad
It can be difficult knowing what to write in a birthday card for Dad! Here are some of our favourites to help and inspire you!
What to Write in a Birthday Card for Your Mum

What to Write in a Birthday Card for Your Mum

On your Mum's birthday, you want to write something in her card that she will love, but it can be difficult knowing the right words. Here are some different types of messages you can include.
How to Have a Micro-Birthday Party?

How to Have a Micro-Birthday Party?

Due to COVID-19, you can currently only have parties of six people. So, how do you throw a micro-birthday party? Here is our quick and easy guide to hosting a small party:

Guest List

For your guest list, you will need to only invite your closest friends. Choosing which friends to invite can be really difficult, but hopefully any friends that you aren't able to invite will be understanding of your situation. Make sure that you also include the people from your household in the final guest count. Due to the current restrictions, if you have a family of four at home, you will only be able to invite two guests, whereas if you live alone, you can invite five.


As for invitations, you may find it's easier just to text everybody the details. After all, there will only be a few people coming over. However, if you do decide to do traditional invitations, there are so many styles to choose from! 40th Birthday Invitations - Zebra Print Border - Pack of 10 Featured Product: 40th Birthday Invitations - Blush Tiger Print Click here to explore our full range of birthday invitations - we have invitations for everyone.


Just because there's less guests attending your birthday, doesn't mean you can't go all out on the decorations! 60th Birthday Invitations - Gold Balloon Arch - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Gold Confetti Balloons - 12" Latex - Pack of 6 Decorate your house with balloons and banners to get that traditional party feel.


As there will only be a few guests, you don't need much food. We recommend to serve sandwiches, crisps, and drinks, as well as a slice of birthday cake! Paper Plates 18cm - Lime Green Party Tableware - Pack of 8 Featured Product: Pick & Mix Happy Birthday Ombre Paper Plates - 25cm - Pack of 8 Don't forget your party tableware! You can check out our full range of tableware here.


Now you need to think of activities that you can do in small groups. For adults, we think you can't go wrong with either a cocktail party or a tea party. They're easy parties to throw, and perfect for a small amount of guests. Birthday Invitations - Cocktail Time - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Cocktail Party Invitation As for the kids, a creative party will be so much fun. Opt for either a baking party or an arts and crafts session where kids can really get stuck in. A pamper party or picnic is so much fun, too! Zoom image Featured Product: Kids Birthday Invitations - Princess Pamper Party For kids parties remember that their parents will count towards the 6-person limit, so try and invite as few parents as possible.

Thank You Cards

Don't forget to thank your friends for coming to your micro-birthday party! Buy a pack of thank you cards and add your own message to complete. Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Typography Silver Foil - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Typography Silver Foil We hope you have found this blog useful! For more party inspiration, also check out our other blogs. (Disclamer - Information was correct as of 14.09.20. Make sure any parties you throw are in line with government guidance.)
How to Host a Virtual Birthday Party

How to Host a Virtual Birthday Party

As traditional birthday parties are yet to resume, you may be wondering how you can celebrate your birthday with friends and family. Luckily for you, you can still host an amazing virtual birthday party! Gather your loved ones together on zoom or Facetime, and host an incredible birthday celebration that is both fun and safe. Here is our how-to guide on party hosting:

Sending Invitations

Just because your birthday celebration is online, doesn't mean you can't send invitations! Invitations are so exciting to receive, and show you have put a lot of thought into your party planning. Foil 21st Birthday Invitations - Sparkly Typography - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Foil 21st Birthday Invitations - Sparkly Typography You can still send normal invites, too. Just make sure you have all of the party plans finalised beforehand. Alternatively, opt for e-cards to match the virtual theme. There are so many different styles that you can find online for free!


Get into the party spirit by decorating your house, and make sure you have lots of decorations in the background of your video call! Zoom image Featured Product: Age 21 Iridescent Balloon Kit Traditional balloons and banners make the perfect decoration, and you can order them easily and safely online. Here at Dotty about Paper, we have so many different decorations to choose from, so you can easily find something that suits your party vibe - and everything is perfect for budget birthdays, too! Check out our full range of birthday decorations here.

Dress Up

If you are seeing all of your friends and family on your video chat, you'll want to be looking your best! Either get dressed up and look glam, or choose a fun fancy dress theme. A fancy dress theme is so much fun, and makes a great way to get conversation flowing. Make sure you include the details of the dress code on your invitations, or send out a message beforehand to make sure everyone has enough time to plan their outfit!

Party Games

Now it's time for the party games! There are so many fun activities you can host at your virtual birthday party. If you love cooking, there's nothing better than a bake off! Get baking birthday cakes from home, and have a competition to make the best cake. A pizza party makes a fun and tasty alternative if you don't have a sweet tooth. If you're not tired of them yet, you can't go wrong with a quiz! Take a fun spin on the quiz and ask questions about yourself, to see how well your loved ones really know you! You could also ask questions about pop culture on the year you were born. We also love the idea of hosting a dance party over your video chat! Play some of your favourite tunes, have a drink, and enjoy yourself. Everyone will be so glad to get into the dancing mood.


Obviously as everyone will be at their own homes, they can provide their own food. However, if you want to give your party guests a fun surprise, you could put together a hamper for them. Drop off a delicious basket of goodies outside their houses before the party starts! Sandwiches, nibbles, and a slice of birthday cake will be well received. You could even add a bottle of wine, some chocolates, and party favours for a more luxurious touch. Make your hampers even more fun by including some cool accessories, such as feather boas, party hats, and glasses.

Thank You Cards

Don't forget to say 'thank you' after the party has ended! A hand-written thank you card shows how grateful you are, and are available in so many lovely designs. Zoom image Featured Product: Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Funky Typography Explore our full range of adults birthday thank you cards here. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more help with birthday party planning, check out our other blogs.
It's Your Birthday Card Image

What to Write in a Birthday Card

Writing a birthday card can be hard, because you want to find the right words for such an important milestone. Here are our top tips.
Introducing Our New Greetings Card Collections!

Introducing Our New Greetings Card Collections!

The team here at Dotty about Paper are excited to introduce our brand new greetings card collections. Our design team have been hard at work creating beautiful designs for everyone to love. Let's take a look at some of the new ranges!

Greetings Card

Summer Pastels

Our Summer Pastels collection is bursting with soft and seasonal colours. They're perfect for sending sunny summer birthday wishes to friends and relatives.

Someone Special Birthday Card - Summer Pastels - Balloons

Featured Design: 'General Birthday Card - Summer Pastels - Balloons'

Party Animals

Know an animal lover? This new collection features adorable art of hedgehogs, cats, dogs, and more. The cute designs are sure to put a smile on anyone's face, so go wild with Party Animals!

Zoom image

Honey Bee

This new range is as sweet as honey! Explore hexagonal hives and countryside scenes with this lovely collection. With more and more people getting involved in the drive to safeguard bees, these birthday cards would also be perfect for a friend or relative who is passionate about caring for bees.

General Birthday Card - Honey Bee - Fabulous Birthday Hun

Featured Design: 'General Birthday Card - Honey Bee - Fabulous Birthday Hun'

Feeling Bright Typography

Looking for a classic birthday card? Feeling Bright has something for everyone. These colourful typography designs, featuring balloons, candles, and other party patterns, are perfect for both men and women. So, whoever you're buying for, this range is sure to deliver!

General Birthday Card For Him - Feeling Bright Typography - Happy Birthday To You

Oopsy Daisies

Send a ray of sunshine to the birthday girl with our Oopsy Daisies collection. These floral designs feature cute pastel shades, making it ideal for sending spring vibes to your loved ones.

Zoom image 

Featured Design: 'General Birthday Card - Oopsy Daises - Happy Birthday Wishes'


Pop open the champagne and celebrate a birthday with our Drinking range! This fun collection features fizzy prosecco, tropical cocktails, and trendy gin designs. 

Featured Design: 'General Birthday Card - Drinking - Gin'


Our Patterns range ties in with our popular desk stationery collections! Find all your favourite patterns, from Sweet Sherbet Dreams to Got To Dash, in our greetings card section.

General Birthday Card - Be-Leaf In Yourself - Fabulous Birthday

Featured Design: 'General Birthday Card - Be-Leaf In Yourself - Fabulous Birthday'


How to Have a Garden Party

There's nothing like a garden party! It's perfect for all ages, so whether you want to meet up with friends or plan a big family reunion, this theme will be a hit. If you're dreaming of fun in the summer sun, this blog is for you! Check out our advice on how to throw the perfect event.

Plan Your Theme

Choose a style for your party. To help you decide, think about your guest list. If there is a mix of children and adults, you might opt for something fun that families can enjoy. Think bright colours or surf beach motifs. Or, if it's an adults-only occasion, you could opt for the classical tea party. And sometimes, all you need is a colour scheme to help you theme the decor!


Once you've picked your theme, choose the perfect invitations to let everyone know about your garden party. You could personalise them online (perfect if you're in a rush) or order blank cards and fill in the details by hand (for that special touch). Don't forget to pick matching thank you cards for after the day!


 Featured Design: 'Beautiful Blooms - Drinks - Summer Party'


Seating and Decor

Seating arrangements are especially important for a garden party. Plan some tables and chairs that allow guests to relax and converse with each other. For children, you could create a special area with picnic blankets and pillows. Decor really depends on your theme, but whatever you've chosen, there are a few essentials to consider. Outdoor lighting, like a string of festoon lights or pretty candles, are key if the party will carry on until evening. Bunting, banners, and flowers will always look great, too. You will also need tableware, including cutlery, plates, napkins, and cups


The British weather can really be so unpredictable! Check the weather forecast in advance and try to pick a time of year where the sun is usually reliable! If you can fit a marquee tent in your party location, it's definitely a good idea to consider. But it's not just rain you might need shelter from - why not provide some parasols or a shady corner to help guests beat the heat?


Classic finger foods fit the relaxed nature of most garden parties. Light snacks like sandwiches, veggie skewers, and fruit are perfect for hot summer days. If you want to offer something more filling, make sure to offer a range of options to suit your guests' dietary needs. Recipe: Damn Delicious Keeping hydrated is important when you're out in the garden, so provide lots of chilled drinks. Fruit juices for the little ones and tasty cocktails for adults are always safe bets! Recipe: Domesticate Me Make sure to prepare for bugs outside. Citronella candles can help keep them away, but have food coverings close at hand, too. If you have space for a marquee or tent, you could keep refreshments there to help them stay fresh.
How to Have a Tea Party

How to Have a Tea Party

Having a tea party is so much fun (and it's super easy!). Here is our handy guide to throwing a fabulous tea party:


First, you'll want to choose a venue. You'll want it to be cute and cosy, and local to your party guests. You can either have your tea party at home, or choose a traditional cafe venue. It's up to you!


Next, find your ideal invitations. Personalised invitations are perfect for letting everyone know the details of your party, and are so much fun to create. Check out our full range of tea party birthday invitations to find your perfect design. How to Have a Tea Party - Tea Party Invitations - Hydrangea Afternoon Tea Featured Product: Tea Party Invitations - Hydrangea Afternoon Tea Remember to specify the time and date of your celebration, as well as the location. If you are having a particular theme, such as Alice in Wonderland, be sure to also mention any details about the dress code.


Decorating for a tea party is simple. You'll need to make sure you have some really cute decorations - there's so many to choose from! How to Have a Tea Party - Vintage Tea Party Paper Bunting Featured Product: Vintage Tea Party Paper Bunting As with all good parties, you'll need some beautiful bunting, and some birthday balloons. How to Have a Tea Party - Light Pink Paper Table Covers - Pack of 2 Featured Product: Light Pink Paper Table Covers - Pack of 2 You can also add to the table with a tablecloth, and matching table partyware. Be sure to have an arrangement of napkins and doilies, as well as a cake stand to display your treats. How to Have a Tea Party - Romantic Floral - Place Cards Featured Product: Romantic Floral - Place Cards For larger parties, place cards may also be an essential. They help people find their seat easily, and are available in so many beautiful designs.

Tea Party Food

Whilst everyone is there for the tea, they'll still be thinking about the food! Make sure that you have a range of sweet and savoury options to choose from. For the savoury, you'll want a range of bite-size sandwiches. We recommend smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise, and prawn, but you can have anything that suits you. You may also wish to have crackers with a cheese board - because who doesn't love cheese? You'll also need some delicious sweet options. Cakes and scones are sure to be the centre of attention, so have a range of flavours available. Guests are also sure to appreciate biscuits that they can dunk into their tea!

Party Games

It's completely up to you whether you would like to play games at your party. Many tea parties don't involve games as guests will spend most of their time chatting away. If you do wish to have party games, then we recommend Tea Party Bingo, as well as Croquet or Lawn Bowls - perfect for summer!

Thank You Cards

Don't forget to thank guests for attending your tea party! We have a wide range of beautiful thank you cards that everyone will adore. How to Have a Tea Party - Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Teapot and Cupcake Featured Product: Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Teapot and Cupcake Be sure to also thank guests for any gifts that you have received. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more party inspiration, head over to our other blogs. We have so many blogs to help you out.
How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party

How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party

'A little party never killed nobody', so why not have one? A Gatsby-themed party is so much fun and makes for unforgettable memories! Here is our guide on throwing a roaring Gatsby party:


The perfect Gatsby-themed party will need themed invitations to match! There are so many gorgeous options available online, so whether you're after something traditional or modern, you're sure to find what you're looking for. How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party - Great Gatsby - Invitations Featured Product: Great Gatsby - Invitations Our popular 'Great Gatsby' invitations are sure to wow your party guests, and excite them for the party ahead. Plus, they are fully personalised, making them so easy to create. Be sure to include the time, date, and location of your party, as well as the dress code.


Gatsby parties are extravagant, so your decorations need to be extravagant, too. Signs Lots of Gatsby-themed parties use signs around their venue. It's a great way to show everyone around the venue, and can add so much to the decor, too. Bunting Some iridescent birthday bunting is perfect for adding some sparkle to your venue, and reminding everyone that it's your birthday!How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party - Iridescent Letter BannerFeatured Product: Iridescent Letter Banner Match with other birthday party accessories to complete your venue. Confetti Make sure that all of your party tables are covered in confetti and sparkles! It's a great way to add to your venue on a budget. Feathers Feathers are also perfect for setting the theme. They create an elegant centrepiece that everybody will adore! How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party - Casar Casar Featured Image: Casar Casar You can buy feathers from lots of online retailers and craft shops - they're super affordable! Balloons Don't forget about balloons! Lots of helium balloons will add so much birthday fun to your venue. Add some balloon hangers to easily arrange your balloons. If you are turning a specific age, such as your 'roaring 21st', then you may also want balloons in the shape of your special number. Colour Scheme Every Gatsby-themed party needs a gold and black colour scheme! It's effortlessly classy and represents the time period so well. Plus, it's so easy to pull off! Be sure that all of your decorations match to make your party perfect.

Gatsby-themed Dress Code

This is the best part! Both you and your party guests will need amazing outfits. You may also want to hand out accessories (like feather boas) at the door to make sure everybody looks the part!How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party - Haute off the Rack Featured Image: Haute off the Rack This is what everyone should wear for the ideal 20s themed party: Suit and Tie The men will definitely want to wear a suit and tie like Gatsby! Get creative with your suits - there are so many colour schemes to choose from. So whether you're a black tie kinda guy, or love a pink suit like Jay Gatsby himself, you can rock it! Flapper Dress Dresses of these period were all about sparkle! Lots of shimmering beads against floating chiffon is ideal. You can buy gorgeous flapper dresses from so many online retailers, so it's easy to look just like Daisy Buchanan. Alternatively, smart midi dresses, velvet dresses, and jumpsuits make a gorgeous alternative. Accessories No outfit is complete without the accessories! The ladies will need lots of jewellery - think long pearl necklaces and dangling earrings, as well as head pieces or glittering hair accessories. You also can't go wrong with a sparkly pair of heels! For the men, a smart hat, pocket-watch, and braces is ideal.


Don't let your party guests get bored! There are lots of fun ways to keep them entertained throughout the night. Live Music If you have a large budget for your birthday party, why not have some live music? A pianist is perfect for replicating Gatsby's own parties, and will be completely unforgettable - who else has a pianist at their party?! Alternatively, an authentic 1920s jazz band will also be amazing, and is sure to get everyone on the dance floor. Playlist If you're on a stricter budget, why not create your own playlist. Take songs from the Great Gatsby film to get everyone dancing. Photo Booth Whilst everyone is dressed up it's nice to get some photos. A cheerful photo booth with lots of accessories will delight your guests. How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party - OOSILE Featured Image: OOSILE For a vintage touch, use a Polaroid camera to take your photos. Party Games Some fun games for a Gatsby-themed party include a music quiz, a murder mystery, or Prosecco Pong!

Food and Drinks

Every good party has some great food (and even better drinks!). Champagne Tower Is it really a Gatsby party if there's no champagne? We don't think so! Create a Champagne glass tower, and keep the champagne flowing all night long. How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party - Steve the Bartender Featured Image: Steve the Bartender If champagne isn't your style, there are lots of delicious cocktails (or mocktails) that you can easily create at home, too. Bite Size food Your guests will be partying the night away, and many people will be too caught up in the magic to have a full meal. Little bite-size snacks are ideal, as they can be nibbled on during dances and conversations. Plus, they go amazingly with champagne! Some different ideas include delicious olives, grilled prawns, and mini stuffed mushrooms. Buffet If you do feel like having a buffet (Gatsby did!), then there are so many delicious things that you can serve. A selection of meats is sure to be appreciated by guests, as well as a delicious cracker and cheese board. You could even have a hog roast! Chocolate dipped strawberries, Ferrero Rochers, and cupcakes make the perfect sweet treats. A tiered cake will also make a gorgeous dessert!

Thank You Cards

After the party has finished, you'll want to send all of your guests a lovely thank you card. Be sure to thank them for coming, as well as any gifts that you received. How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party - Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Typography Gold Foil Featured Product: Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Typography Gold Foil A sparkling foil card is perfect for reminding them of your glitzy party, as well as a great way to show your appreciation. How to Have a Gatsby-Themed Party - Personalised Cross Fountain Pen - Black Featured Product: Personalised Cross Fountain Pen - Black Why not also treat yourself to a gorgeous personalised fountain pen? It's a beautiful way to write your thank you cards. We have a wide range of personalised pens available - explore the full range now! We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more party inspiration, be sure to also check out our other blogs - we have one for everything.
How to Have a Barbecue Party

How to Have a Barbecue Party

If you're looking to have a calm and cool birthday, you can't go wrong with a barbecue party! It's a great party for friends and family, and a wonderful way to celebrate. Here's our guide on having a sizzling barbecue party:


Invite your guests to your party with a personalised invitation. It's a simple way to get all of your party details over to your guests, and looks so stylish, too. How to Have a Barbecue Party - 40th Birthday Invitations - Chalkboard Beer Featured Product: 40th Birthday Invitations - Chalkboard Beer There are so many different styles of invitations available online, so be sure to take a look. Whether you're turning 18, 40, or 80, you're sure to find a design that you will love.


Decorating for a barbecue party doesn't have to be difficult. You can create a different vibe, depending on what kind of party you're having. How to Have a Barbecue Party - Backyard Michelle Featured Image: Backyard Michelle Here are some of the ideas that we can't get enough of: Outside lights Twinkling lights around the garden set the tone for an amazing night, and make the perfect photo opportunity. Bunting If you want a cute feel to your barbecue party, add some sweet gingham bunting. You can buy personalised bunting for your party, and spell out a unique message. Picnic blankets If you're having a large party with lots of guests, they will need somewhere to sit. Spread some picnic blankets out around the garden, and add sweet mason jars for the perfect finishing touch. Tropical vibes Add some fun to your party by introducing a tropical theme. Guests will absolutely love wearing flower garlands. You can add even more excitement with floral shirts and hula skirts - everyone can get involved!

Barbecue Party Food

Now comes the best part - the food! Is there anything better than delicious barbecue food? How to Have a Barbecue Party - EasyGlam Featured Image: EasyGlam Here are some ideas of what you can serve at your barbecue party: Meat Beef burgers Bacon strips Chicken skewers Sausages Fish Tuna Steaks Salmon Roasted Vegetables Peppers Carrots Corn on the cob Side Dishes Halloumi cheese Burger buns Hot dog buns Chips Potato salad Coleslaw Snacks Crisps Salads Tomatoes Lettuce Peppers Onions Drinks Ice cold beers Fizzy drinks Juice boxes for the little ones Condiments Ketchup Barbecue sauce Mustard Mayonnaise Chilli sauce Salsa Hummous Desserts Smores Grilled pineapple and peaches Fruit skewers Grilled cinnamon apples Foil-baked bananas (with chocolate!) Of course, you can get as creative as you wish! Nearly all food tastes amazing after being on the grill.


Set the atmosphere for your party with some music. Acoustic songs work perfectly for late summer nights. Alternatively, a bit of reggae will spice up your party. How to Have a Barbecue Party - Steemit Featured Image: Steemit If you want to go all out, you could also have live music playing at your event! Make sure your music is appropriate for guests of all ages, if you're having little ones at your party, too.


A barbecue party isn't just about food! There are so many fun garden games that you can play. How to Have a Barbecue Party - Jon Day Featured Image: Jon Day Here are some of our favourites: Hoop Toss Hoop toss is the perfect summer game, and will be a great laugh for guests of all ages. You can mix up the game by throwing hoops over different items - such as beer bottles! Bowling Everybody loves bowling! Set up ten pins in your garden, and have your guests bowl them down. Plus, this will get even more fun after a drink - you can't go wrong! Jenga A game of jenga has always been a lot of laughs. You can even buy (or make) giant jenga, which is even more fun. Frisbee The best game on a budget is frisbee. Everyone can get involved - even the dog! Paddling Pool The younger ones (and probably some of the older ones!) will love a paddling pool. Perfect for summer afternoons, it's a wonderful way to cool off, and is so much fun, too. Alternatively, for the adults, you could have a Jacuzzi session. Complete with a bottle of champagne! Tents You could also put up some tents, and have a summer camp-out! This will make for amazing memories with your friends. We hope you have enjoyed this blog. For more party inspiration, head over to our other blogs - we have a blog for every party theme.
Personalised Gift Ideas for Kids

Personalised Gift Ideas for your Teacher

Wondering what to get your children's teacher for the end of the school year? There are so many different choices at dotty about paper! Our research with real local teachers suggests that their favourite types of gifts are definitely personalised. Here are a few ideas that we think would be the talk of the teacher's lounge!

Personalised Note Cards

For a stationery-obsessed teacher, you can't go wrong with personalised note cards!

It's a lovely luxury item that they may not have thought of buying for themselves therefore, is sure to be appreciated.

Personalised Gift Ideas - Quotation - Personalised A6 Note Card

Featured Product: Quotation - Personalised A6 Note Card

They are perfect for use in the classroom as well as at home, and can be used to write notes to coworkers and friends!

Choose from a wide range of sophisticated designs to find something that suits your teacher.


A set of notebooks is also a beautiful gift. Pick a design that matches their classroom or simply something sweet that made you think of them! Teachers love being organised and writing out to-do lists so this is a wonderful gift with so many uses.

Personalised Gift Ideas - Smart Stationery Pattern - Blue - Personalised A5 Exercise Books - Pack of 2

Featured Product: Smart Stationery Pattern - Blue - Personalised A5 Exercise Books - Pack of 2

Personalise with their name as something to use at home.

Personalised Gift Ideas - Chasing Rainbows - Personalised A5 Exercise Books - Pack of 2

Featured Product: Chasing Rainbows - Personalised A5 Exercise Books - Pack of 2

Personalised Reward Charts

Teachers will love you for gifting their classroom a reward chart!

They're super easy to use. Therefore, they're a great way to motivate children's behaviour and encourage them to do their best whilst learning.

Personalised Gift Ideas - Football Crazy - Personalised Reward Chart & Reusable StickersFeatured Product: Football Crazy - Personalised Reward Chart & Reusable Stickers

You can even personalise the tasks to suit their year group! It's definitely ideal for those of you who have younger children in key stage 1 as I'm sure your teacher is working hard on their reading, writing and spelling!

Rewards could be things such as early lunch, end of the day games or first refusal on break-time snacks!

Height Charts

A lovely height chart is also a great personalised gift for teachers to use for years! Personalise with "Mr/Mrs **** rising stars"!

Personalised Gift Ideas - Unicorn Magic - Personalised Height Chart

Featured Product: Unicorn Magic - Personalised Height Chart

Choose from a wide range of cool designs - it's the perfect way to brighten up a bedroom or playroom.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, and now have some lovely personalised gift ideas! Don't forget to check out our other Teacher blogs too.

How to Have a Cocktail Party

How to Have a Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are definitely getting more popular! It's a wonderful party that you can mix up to suit you. So whether you're looking for a chilled night with your closest friends, or an opportunity to meet some new people and get a bit wild, a cocktail party is ideal! Here's our guide to having a sweet cocktail party:

Cocktail Party Invitations

An invitation is a perfect way to set the tone for your cocktail party. Show off whether this is a casual get together or a black tie affair with your invites! Look online to find your perfect invitations and personalise with wording of your choice. How to Have a Cocktail Party - Cocktail Party Invitation Featured Product: Cocktail Party Invitation Here at Dotty about Paper, we have some beautiful invitations for cocktail parties - including the perfect invites for summer drinks or sophisticated events. Don't forget to mention on your invitations what the dress code is. You don't want people to come under-dressed to the occasion!


On your invitations, you should also specify what food you will be serving at your cocktail party - a sit-down meal or nibbles. Guests will probably assume that you won't be serving a meal at your party, as cocktail parties are generally fairly early on in the evening at around 6-8pm. Plenty of time for a meal afterwards! How to Have a Cocktail Party - Best Recipes Featured Image: Best Recipes Make sure your guests don't go hungry by putting out a wide selection of snacks. If you're feeling fancy, a selection of seafood is sure to go down a treat. There are also so many tasty canapes that can be made, including stuffed mushrooms, cranberry brie bites, and loaded baked potato skins. Be sure to serve your items on little cocktail sticks to help guests eat them easily! You can assume that guests will eat around 5 canapes each, so plan accordingly. Other simple snacks to serve include crackers and cheese board, bread sticks and dips, olives, and nuts. Be sure to consider your friends' dietary requirements, too - many people are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free these days.


Now we get to the fun part - the drinks! For a cocktail party, there are a range of different options you can go for. Either make the drinks with the guests as a fun activity, give your guests a drinks menu so they can choose something for themselves, or create your own signature drink and serve this throughout the night. How to Have a Cocktail Party - Miss Allie's Kitchen Featured Image: Miss Allie's Kitchen Be sure to have some other drink options available too, some guests will probably only want to drink beers! Wine, cider, and beer are sure to go down well. If guests are driving, they may also want to drink coffee, so make sure you have this available for them, too.

Top Tips

You're nearly ready to host your cocktail party, but there are still some quick things to consider! Ice You will need lots of ice for your cocktails! Be sure to stock up on ice cubes before the day. Don't forget to serve water at your party, too - we all have a friend who takes drinking too far! Glasses Consider what glasses you will be serving your drinks in, as different drinks need different glasses. Wine glasses are very different to champagne flutes! Mixers Many of your cocktails will need mixers, and not just coke and lemonade! Here are some popular cocktail mixers that you may need: Fruit Juices - pineapple, orange, apple, cranberry, lime, grapefruit, and more! Coconut Milk Tonic Water How to Have a Cocktail Party - Delish Featured Image: Delish Be sure to also check the recipes for your favourite cocktails to ensure you have everything you need. You may also need decorations to garnish your drinks, such as mint leaves, orange peel, and cherries. Babysitters This is an adults-only occasion, so make sure you tell your friends that children aren't invited, to give them plenty of time to book a babysitter. Music Have you considered what music you are going to play? Music is a great way to create an atmosphere, and reduces any awkward silences, too! Take a look online to find your perfect cocktail party playlist, or get creative and make your own. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more cocktail party inspiration, also head over to our cocktail party Pinterest board.