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Party Sweet Bags

Celebrate in style with our exceptional range of Sweet Party Bags, curated to add a special touch to your party. Each of our themed sweet bag designs is inspired by beloved children's favourites and emerging trends. From the chic and whimsical Boho Rainbow and Fairy Garden designs to the adventurous Jurassic Dinosaur and Outer Space themes, we cater to all interests.
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What are the dimensions of the Sweet Party Bags?

Our Sweet Party Bags measure 110 x 215 x 60 mm, providing ample space for a variety of sweets and treats.

How many Sweet Party Bags are included in each pack?

Each pack of Sweet Party Bags includes 35 individual bags, perfect for small to medium-sized parties.

Are the Sweet Party Bags eco-friendly?

Yes, we take pride in our commitment to the environment. Our Sweet Party Bags are made from Forest Carbon-certified materials, meaning they're created in a way that supports sustainable forestry and reduces carbon emissions.

Are the Sweet Party Bags recyclable?

Yes, our Sweet Party Bags are widely recyclable. We encourage you to recycle the bags after use to help minimise waste.

Do the Sweet Party Bags come with sweets?

No, the Sweet Party Bags are supplied empty, allowing you to fill them with your choice of sweets and treats.

Can I personalise the Sweet Party Bags?

While our Sweet Party Bags come with a themed design, they also come with matching stickers. You can use these stickers to personalise each bag, adding a unique touch to your party favours.

For any further queries regarding our Sweet Party Bags, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.