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Party Paper Cups

Party Paper Cups Infuse life into your celebrations with our diverse collection of party paper cups. Choose from a variety of colours, including Baby Pink, Turquoise, Lime Green, Sunshine Yellow, and Apple Red, designed to match any party theme and enhance the festive atmosphere.

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For a unique, personalised touch, delve into our themed collection pairing party cups with large round stickers. With themes like Boho Rainbow, Outer Space, Mermaid Under The Sea, and many more, we cater to all interests and party styles. Make your celebrations unforgettable with our eco-friendly, easy-to-dispose party paper cups, where convenience meets style.

What quantity do the paper cups come in?

Our paper cups are sold in packs of 8.

What is the capacity of each paper cup?

Each paper cup can hold 266ml of liquid.

Are the paper cups eco-friendly?

Yes, our paper cups are eco-friendly and recyclable, allowing you to celebrate guilt-free.

Can I match the paper cups with other celebration supplies?

Absolutely! Our paper cups can be perfectly paired with other pastel pink celebration supplies such as plates and straws, providing a coordinated and visually appealing look to your party.

Do the paper cups come with any stickers or decorations?

Yes, we offer themed collections that pair party cups with large round stickers. Themes include Boho Rainbow, Outer Space, Mermaid Under The Sea, and many others, catering to various party styles and interests.

Are the stickers on the paper cups personalised?

Yes, many of our party paper cups come with large round stickers that can be personalised for your party.

Can the paper cups be used for different party themes?

Absolutely! We have a diverse range of colours and themes to suit any party, from Baby Pink and Turquoise to Sunshine Yellow and Apple Red, and more.

Are the paper cups disposable?

Yes, the cups are disposable. Their recyclability and eco-friendliness ensure that your celebrations are easy to clean up after and gentle on the environment.