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Wedding Invitations

What Time Do You Put on a Wedding Invite?

Whose name should be placed first on the wedding invitation? Here is the answer you are looking for!

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023
Wedding Invitations

Three Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitations

I absolutely love a good wedding.  It’s not only the bride and groom who look forward to the big day – it’s also their guests

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023

How to Write a Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day cards available on dotty about paper
Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to spoil mum! We've got card messages for mums, grandmas, and special ladies who have been like a mom.

What to Write in a Valentine's Card

Finding the right words for your Valentine's card can be difficult so we will do it for you! Here are our favourite Valentine's messages.
Father's Day

What to write in a Father's Day Card

Dads have been awesome this year! Find the perfect thing to write in your Father's Day card to make his day in our latest blog.

What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Writing a sympathy card can be difficult. Here are some sympathy card messages for different situations.

What to Write in a Thank You Card

Writing a thank you card is easier said than done! It can be difficult knowing exactly what to say to express your gratitude. To help you out, we've prepared some wording examples.
What to Write in a Thinking of You Card

What to Write in a Thinking of You Card

With so much going on at the moment, it's the perfect time to send a 'Thinking of You' card. But what should you write? Here are some of our favourite messages.

What to Write in a Card for a Teacher Who Is Leaving

Writing a card for a teacher who is leaving can be tricky. What should you write? How personal should it be?

What Do You Write in a Business Christmas Card?

Customers often ask us what wording they should include on their business Christmas cards. Here is the answer!

What to Write in an Anniversary Invitation?

As we often get asked what wording you should include in anniversary invitations, we thought it would be useful to create an easy guide for you to follow.
Cute Safari Teacher Thank You Assorted

What to Write in a Teacher Thank You Card

Choosing what to write in a teacher thank you card isn't always easy! Our guide helps you decide what to say to your teacher at the end of the school year.

How to Write a Thank You Note to a Teacher

Want to show your gratitude to a superstar teacher? Learn how to write the perfect school teacher thank you note with our useful guide!