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Wedding Invitations

What Time Do You Put on a Wedding Invite?

Whose name should be placed first on the wedding invitation? Here is the answer you are looking for!

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023
Wedding Invitations

Three Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitations

I absolutely love a good wedding.  It’s not only the bride and groom who look forward to the big day – it’s also their guests

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023

Do You Send a Wedding Thank You Note to Parents?

Kraft Vintage Flowers Thank You Cards
It is common knowledge that you should send wedding thank you cards to your guests, but does this include immediate family?
winter wedding bride

Should Your Parents Pay for Your Wedding?

Whether the bride's parents should pay for their wedding or not has become quite controversial! What is the right thing to do?
Luxury Delicate Swirl Pattern Wedding Invitation

Can You Send Wedding Invitations Too Early?

It really can't hurt to get things done early when you can, but when it comes to wedding invitations, is there such a thing as too early? That's the question we ask in this blog.
Who Usually Gives Speeches at a Wedding?

Who Usually Gives Speeches at a Wedding?

If you are confused about who gives speeches at a wedding, we are here to help! Here is the order of who should give a speech

How to Address your Invitation Envelopes

I have pulled together 12 different scenarios to help you address your wedding envelopes and guide you through some of the potential pit falls.
Pressed Flowers - Tri Fold Wedding Invitation & RSVP

What Should a Wedding Blessing Invite Say?

A wedding blessing is different to a marriage ceremony, but the invitation should reflect the same high-quality and attention to detail.

How Do I RSVP to a Wedding Invitation?

A friend is getting married! But you're not sure how to respond to the wedding invitation. Here's what you need to do.
Who Pays for What in a Wedding?

Who Pays for What in a Wedding?

The financial side of a wedding can definitely get complicated - should you stick to tradition or not? Who pays for what?
Kraft Vintage Flowers RSVP Cards

Is It Rude to Decline a Wedding Invitation?

We know how hard it can be to say no to a wedding, but we’ve compiled a few tips for you here. Read on to find out more!
How to Ask for a Cash Gift for a Wedding Present?

How to Ask for a Cash Gift for a Wedding Present?

A lot of couples wonder how you can possibly ask for money without sounding rude but equally don’t want to end up with a pile of unwanted gifts. Here's how!
couple at wedding reception
White Country Bouquet Thank You Card

How Do You Thank Someone for Money?

So, you've recently got married, and were gifted a lot of money on your big day - lucky you! But now you're wondering how you should say thanks?