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Wedding Invitations

What Time Do You Put on a Wedding Invite?

Whose name should be placed first on the wedding invitation? Here is the answer you are looking for!

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023
Wedding Invitations

Three Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitations

I absolutely love a good wedding.  It’s not only the bride and groom who look forward to the big day – it’s also their guests

UPDATED ON December 08, 2023

What Are Baby Announcements Cards?

What Are Baby Announcements Cards?
After you've had a baby, you will definitely want to let everyone know! But what do you include on Baby announcement cards? And when should you send them?
How to Use Baby Milestone Cards

How to Use Baby Milestone Cards

When your little one reaches a milestone, take photos of them with the matching card! It's a perfect way to look back at those special memories.

What is a Christening vs a Baptism?

Welcoming a new child into the family is such an exciting time. If you have had a baby, you may be thinking about baptising or christening your child. What are the differences between these religious rites?


Baptism is a ceremony dating back before Christianity. It is one of the traditional sacraments that admits a person into the Christian community. Unlike a christening, a baptism is for all ages (apart from some religious groups that don't practise infant baptism). What-is-a-Christening-vs-a-Baptism-Boys-Foliage-Wreath Featured Design: 'Boys Foliage Wreath'


Christenings are a more recent ceremony, originating around the 14th century. A christening is similar to a baptism, but it focuses on the child's naming ceremony. The baby will be 'christened' with their name, and gifts are usually given to the parents. Because of this, christenings are for small children only. Many people today also view christenings as a more symbolic occasion than a strictly religious one. What is a Christening vs a Baptism? Cute Pink Church Featured Design: 'Cute Pink Church'

The Differences

~ A baptism is a traditional sacrament. A christening is a more modern rite. ~ A baptism is for any age. A christening is for babies and young children. ~ A baptism celebrates coming into the faith. A christening celebrates the child's naming ceremony.

Other Options

Some parents may not want a christening or baptism because it symbolises a commitment to a religion. If you feel the same way, you could choose to have a church blessing instead. This will allow you to host a special occasion for the child while leaving baptism for a date in the future when your little one can appreciate what it means. If you would prefer to have a non-religious occasion to formally welcome your baby into the world, you can always choose a humanist naming ceremony or 'naming day' instead. Naming ceremonies don't contain religious content, and you can hold them in any venue you want. People hold them for children of all ages, too, making them popular for welcoming an adopted child into the family.
How Much Money Do You Give for a Christening?

How Much Money Do You Give for a Christening?

If you can't think of a gift suitable for a christening, then you may wish to give them money instead. But how much money should you give? It's a tricky question! Here is how much money you're really expected to give as a gift:


For your family members, you may wish to spend a little more than you would for anyone else. A cheque or some money for a savings account is a great gift for your younger family members. We think up to £100 makes a great christening gift, but you shouldn't feel the need to spend more than you can afford.


If it is your friend's child getting christened, your budget can change massively depending on how close you are with them. The general rule when it comes to friends is to spend the same amount on their child's christening as you would their birthday, so whether that's £10 or £50, it's completely up to you. If you are struggling financially and worry that you won't be able to bring a present to the christening, be sure to discuss this with your friend. A true friend will understand, and shouldn't expect lots of gifts anyway!

Money Presentation

However much money you decide to give, you'll need to make sure it is nicely presented. It will make your gift unforgettable. Here are some of our favourite presentation ideas: Card Pop your money in a lovely christening card. Alongside a thoughtful message, it will make a great gift. Piggy Bank A money box (or a traditional piggy bank) makes a lovely gift, and can be kept for years to come.  

If the child getting christened is older, it's also a great way to teach them about saving. In a Bottle You may also want to pop some cash into a bottle. Add a letter to make it the perfect keepsake, too. With a small rustic tag and some ribbon attached, your gift will look amazing.

We hope you've found this blog useful! For more advice, head over to our other blogs - we have so many for christenings.

Ideas for Christening Party Favours

Ideas for Christening Party Favours

At the end of your little one's christening, you'll want to thank guests for coming with christening party favours. Here are some of our favourite favours to inspire you:

Handmade Soap

This makes a lovely unique gift that is also useful. There are so many different shapes and scents that you can create to suit you, and it makes for a fun day of crafting. You could also get your family or friends involved in creating the soap - it's so much fun!


Another cool idea is a personalised candle - you could hand-make them for your christening party favours. Alternatively, buy some pre-made candles and add a lovely personalised sticker. Choose a homely scent that will remind them of the amazing time shared at your baby's christening.


Who doesn't love cookies? Send guests home with a delicious cookie - they're sure to appreciate it! We are loving this cookies from Pretty My Party, they're both super smart, and look so tasty, too. Pretty My Party 

Featured Image: Pretty My Party

Whatever type of cookies you decide to have, they're sure to be amazing. Plus, this is a good environmental option as there's hardly any waste involved.

Seed Packets

If you are trying to be more environmentally conscious, then seed packets also make an ideal favour. They let everyone go home and plant something which is really special. Plus, the plant will always remind them of your baby. How sweet!

Sweet Cones

Sweet cones are super popular for birthday parties, and also make great christening party favours. You fill your sweet cones up with delicious treats, and then add a personalised sticker. It's a great way to say thanks!

Zoom image 

Featured Product: Bunny Fairy - Sweet Cone Bag & Sticker - Pack of 35

Our sweet cones come with a range of multi-coloured ties making them perfect for colourful christenings, too.


A key-ring is another lovely gift to receive, and will remind guests of your little one every time they use their keys. There are so many different types that you can buy - whether that's an engraved message or just a cute animal key-ring. For your family, you may wish to have key-rings made with a photo of your little one inside. So cute!


Bracelets make an ideal gift if you're really struggling for ideas because everyone can wear them! Depending on your budget, you can either opt for expensive silver bracelets, or opt for a sweet string bracelet like these: Christening gifts. Baptism favours. Personalised wish image 1 

Featured Image: HenhouseCraftshop

Either way, it's a lovely and thoughtful gift that your guests are sure to appreciate.


A small box of chocolates for each guest will go down a treat! Many online retailers sell amazing personalised chocolates, so it doesn't have to be boring. You can also add a photo of your little one to the box to create the most adorable favour. If you're looking for something more unique, why not hand-make your own chocolates?

Personalised Pens

Splash out and order each guest a beautiful personalised pen. Every time they use it, they'll remember your child's beautiful christening!

Thank You Cards

Don't forget that you will also need thank you cards!

Zoom image 

Featured Product: Thank You Cards - Blue Photo Typography

Here at Dotty about Paper, we have a wide range of thank you cards that are perfect for christenings. Personalise with your own wording to complete - some of our designs can even be personalised with a photo, too!

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, and also thought of some amazing favours for your baby's christening. Comment down below which your favourite idea was!

How Do You Plan a Christening?

How Do You Plan a Christening?

A christening is a beautiful way to welcome your baby, and the perfect first step in a life of religion. Here is a simple guide on planning an unforgettable christening:

The Church

Your baby's christening should be held at your local church. If you don't attend church regularly, discuss this with the vicar. Some churches will expect for you to be attending religious services before and after the day. Also check with the vicar whether your child's christening will be an independent service or a part of the weekly Sunday worship. Plus, when booking your service, be sure to choose a date that you have checked with your godparents - they need to be there!

The Ceremony

Your child's christening ceremony will be fairly straightforward, and should only take around half an hour. How Do You Plan a Christening? - Church of England Christenings Featured Image: Church of England Christenings It will start with an introduction from the vicar, followed by the promises by the parents and godparents, the baptism, and a reading. However, different churches may have different traditions or orders for this.

The Christening outfit

Consider what outfit your little one will wear. Do you want to stick to tradition, or do something more modern? If you want to follow tradition, dress your little one in a long white or cream gown. This is a popular choice for both boys and girls, and can be reused in the future if you have more children in the family. Alternatively, dress your child in other smart clothes, such as a smart shirt and chinos. It's completely up to you! How Do You Plan a Christening? - One Small Child Featured Image: One Small Child Don't forget how fast your little one grows! Don't buy clothes too far in advance of the day, as you may find that they don't fit.


Before the christening, decide who your child's godparents will be. Choose people who are actively involved in your child's life, and will continue to be for years to come, such as your sibling or your closest friend. If you are choosing a new friend, ask yourself whether they will definitely be there for your child throughout the next eighteen years. It is generally seen that you should have three godparents, with two of them being the same sex as your child. But it's up to you! If you are particularly religious, you will also want to choose godparents who are dedicated to your religion, so that they can act as a religious guide to your child. Plus, you should check with your church what their requirements are. Some churches will expect for godparents to attend regular services at the church, whilst others will be much less strict - the only requirement being that the godparents should be baptised.

The Reception

After the ceremony, you'll probably want to host a reception. This is a great place to socialise with friends and family, as well as receive gifts for your baby. The size of your reception is completely up to you. Some people will only want a small event, whilst for others this will be a major celebration. Venue First, choose your venue. Popular venues include church halls, pubs, and restaurants. You could even host your reception at your house. Decorations You will usually be expected to provide your own decorations for your venue. Popular choices include balloons and bunting in shades of pink, blue, or cream. How Do You Plan a Christening? - Cherie Kelly Featured Image: Cherie Kelly For more formal christenings, expect to see a lot of flowers. Food and drink Christenings will rarely have a sit-down meal, and will usually have a buffet. This is mainly as they are held at around lunchtime, so people probably won't be hungry. Plus, if any of your guests have specific dietary requirements, it makes it much easier for them to have something to eat. Some parents will also choose to have a christening cake. Much like a wedding cake, these can be very professional (and expensive!). However, these aren't essential. Gifts You can also expect for your child to receive gifts at their christening. Popular choices include silver spoons, bibles, framed prints, and jewellery. If you are after something specific, such as money for your child's savings account, be sure to mention it on your invitations.


There won't be any party without your invitations! Choose some beautiful invites, and send them to guests six weeks before the event. Remember to extend your invitation to your vicar! How Do You Plan a Christening? - Christening Invitations - Boys Church & Bunting - A6 Postcard Featured Product: Christening Invitations - Boys Church & Bunting - A6 Postcard Important things to include are your baby's name, the time, date, and location (of ceremony and the reception), and your RSVP details. If you are having a specific dress code or theme, be sure to mention this, too.

After the Day

Once the christening is over, there's still some things to consider. Thank You Cards You should definitely send out a thank you card to all of your christening guests. It's only polite! How Do You Plan a Christening? - Thank You Cards - Dusky Pink Photo Typography Featured Product: Thank You Cards - Dusky Pink Photo Typography Thank them for attending, as well as any gifts that your little one received. You may wish to choose a thank you card with a beautiful photograph of your baby on. It makes a wonderful keepsake. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more advice on throwing an amazing christening (and so much more!), head over to our other blogs.
How Do You Word a Christening Invitation?

How Do You Word a Christening Invitation?

A cute poem? A lengthy formal paragraph? Something short and sweet? How exactly do you word a christening invitation?

Choosing pre-made christening invitations

You’ll want to browse christening invitations before making any decisions to gain some inspiration. Most already provide a majority of the wording, which will leave you very little to think about.
Christening Invitations - Blue Dots Typography - Pack of 10

Featured Product: Christening Invitations - Blue Dots Typography

In most cases, you'll just have to add details like names and addresses to create the perfect christening invitation.

What wording should be included?

Usually, christening invitations follow a fairly standard format.

Start with "(Name) and (Name) invite you to celebrate the christening of (Child's Name)".

Or, go for a more simple "You're invited to celebrate the christening of (Child's Name)", which is also ideal for single parents.

Below your introduction, provide details of the christening venue and the date and time of the christening. Don't forget to add details of the reception or celebration after the ceremony, if this is at a different venue.

Follow up with RSVP details, including your own contact number or email address.

Christening invitations only need to be simple. Most people already know roughly what to expect.

Should invitations be formal?

You have a choice. Will you go for formal invitations with beautiful fonts and elegant stationery design, or something more fun and colourful? It's really up to you and is a choice that should reflect your family.

You could choose custom christening invitations with a picture of your child, or something bright and colourful that's perfect for a baby or toddler.

Christening Invitations - Scattered Flowers - Pack of 10

Featured Product: Christening Invitations - Scattered Flowers

Alternatively, choose a design that's beautifully elegant with space for all of the details.

Who invites the guests?

Often, the parents will be the ones to write the invitations and send them out to family and friends. Sometimes, this is a job for the new godparents acting on the child's behalf. Again, this is personal preference.

Choosing a suitable font

For more formal invitations, try your hand at calligraphy. If you don't want to do this by hand, you can purchase custom printed invitations that use very elegant fonts.

If you're opting for something less formal, you can write with your usual handwriting or have some fun with your font choice. Whether you choose traditional or contemporary, remember that the invitation is simply a method of formally inviting your guests - as long as you're getting the right details to the appropriate people, the rest is really your choice.

Who Do You Invite to a Christening?

Who Do You Invite to a Christening?

A celebration of your child, and a promise to raise them in faith, a christening is an important celebration. But when you're writing the guest list, who should you invite to the christening?

How many people to invite

Often, a christening is held as part of a normal church service. You'll be around strangers and members of the church. Inviting 100 family members and crowding into the pews may not go down as well as you think. To you, the christening is a wonderful personal celebration. To other people, this is a standard Sunday at church and a sudden influx of guests might intimidate.

Christening Invitations - Scattered Flowers - Pack of 10

Featured Product: Christening Invitations - Scattered Flowers

Keep invites to the ceremony to close friends and family. They might include the child's grandparents, aunts, uncles, first cousins, a few friends and of course their selected godparents.

If you're hiring a venue for a celebration after the ceremony, you have the option to open up the guest list. This is where you can invite 100 people if you choose to. More distant family members and the rest of your friends can be included in this celebration.

Who to invite to a christening

Often, people invite the same people to the christening that they might invite to their wedding. This means that many family members will be included, along with friends of the child's parents. In most cases, children are christened when they're too young to express guest list preferences. But, if your child is older, it's important that their friends are in attendance.

Some children won't happily sit through a church service. If you're inviting children to the christening itself, think about each child's temperament. Will they be comfortable sitting quietly, and are they used to a church environment?

Christening Invitations - Suited & Booted - Pack of 10

Featured Product: Christening Invitations - Suited & Booted

Holding a christening party on the day of the christening, or another day of your choice gives you the freedom to invite as many people as you'd like. Stock up on christening invitations, and be limited only by the size of your venue.

What might factor into your decision

Are you catering? The price per head of food can quickly begin to add up. Christenings don't need to be lavish and expensive celebrations, and often they're best with a party food buffet and plenty of room to mill around. After all, most people are there simply to coo over your baby.

If you're on a tight budget, hiring a hall is the best way to keep costs down whilst inviting lots of people. Once you've paid for the room, you can invite as many people as you'd like.

If you're instead choosing a formal venue and paying a per-head price, don't be afraid to whittle down your guest list.

Do You Send Invitations for a Christening?

Do You Send Invitations for a Christening?

When there's a new baby in the family, you're bound to be excited about the christening. But if you're a first-time parent, you might not be too sure about the correct etiquette in this situation. That's particularly true nowadays when the internet has replaced so much of our traditional communication. Here are some quick tips to ensure that your baby event is handled the right way.

Why send invitations?

Invitations are a nice, personal way of inviting friends and family to celebrate your new baby. A christening is usually a fairly small event, so it's easy to take control of the guest list. The invitation can often become a cherished memento - not only for the baby as he or she grows up, but also for the godparents, grandparents and the rest of the family.
Do You Send Invitations for a Christening? - Christening Invitations - Summer Pastel Flowers - Use Your Own Photo
Choose a design that you like from our selection of boys and girls christening invitations.

What should you write on a christening invitation?

Think about how formal you want the invitations to be. Just like a wedding, you can set the tone of the entire event by choosing a particular level of formality for the invitations.
A more formal invitation should include your names, with no abbreviations and all numbers and dates written out as words:
"Mr and Mrs Stephen Jones request the honour of your presence at the baptism of their daughter Susana.
Saturday, the seventeenth of November at eleven o'clock
Saint Mary's Church, Leatherhead, Surrey"
If you prefer to invite your friends and family in a more informal manner, then your invitation may look completely different:
"Please join us for the baptism of Susana on the 17th of November at 11:00.
St Mary's Church, Leatherhead, Surrey"
Regardless of the level of formality, be sure to leave a space for an RSVP.

How soon should you send invitations to a christening?

Unlike a wedding, a christening usually only has a few weeks' notice, so send the invitations out as soon as your venue is confirmed. If you feel snowed under with the new baby, ask family members or the godparents to help you organise the invitations.

What about invitations for non-religious baby ceremonies?

Some parents are choosing alternative routes to traditional christenings and baptisms, and embracing modern alternatives. Even if you'd rather not have a church ceremony, you can still enjoy a special day for your little one and celebrate their life!
Do You Send Invitations for a Christening? - Naming Ceremony Invitations - Pink Dots Typography
Look at invitations for naming ceremonies to welcome your new baby.
What should be included in a birth announcement?

What Should Be Included in a Birth Announcement?

A new arrival in the family is a joyous time for all and understandably, new parents are as keen to share their happy news as their nearest and dearest are to hear it.
While a phone call or, in modern times a WhatsApp message, are personal and immediate ways to spread the joy - a baby announcement card is becoming increasingly popular too. Especially once you’ve had time to take stock and settle into life with the new addition.
Baby announcement cards are a lovely way to share your news with those outside your immediate family, but who you’d still like to introduce to your little bundle of joy.
But other than the baby’s name, what else can you include on the card?


What Should Be Included in a Birth Announcement? - Baby Announcement Cards - Coral Photo Trio Featured Product: Baby Announcement Cards - Coral Photo Trio
It’s a good idea to wait at least a few weeks before sending the baby announcement cards to give you time to collect a few nice photos, which can show how much the little one has changed since birth. While some baby announcement cards may include just the one picture, there’s no reason why yours can’t show off the new arrival in a few different outfits and poses. Try and keep it to a maximum of three pictures though, to ensure the receiver can clearly admire the baby’s features, and that there’s comfortable room for other details.

Birth details

What Should Be Included in a Birth Announcement? - Baby Announcement Cards - Grey & Blue Photo Featured Product: Baby Announcement Cards - Grey & Blue Photo
Among the first questions, new parents get asked are about the baby’s birth weight and the time they were born - so be sure to include these details alongside the date of birth. You can also let friends and family know where the baby came into the world if you have space.

Personal messages

While some people may like to keep the baby announcement cards simple and generic for all who receive them, others may like to leave space to include a little personal message from the parents. This can be anything from delight at the new arrival, thanks for any cards or gifts received, or an invitation to a christening or celebration of the baby’s birth.
What Should Be Included in a Birth Announcement? - Baby Announcement Cards - Girls Photo Typography
The beauty of baby announcement cards is that, while there is standard information most will include, they can also be really personal to the people sending and receiving them.
When Should You Send Baby Announcements?

When Should You Send Baby Announcements?

Baby announcements are a lovely way to let friends and family know of a new arrival. The cards can include photographs of the bouncing bundle of joy, as well as a name, date of birth, time and location of birth, weight, and a personal message too if you wish.
But how soon after the baby’s arrival into the world should you be expected to send them out?

Following tradition?

When Should You Send Baby Announcements? - Baby Announcement Cards - Grey Photo Trio Featured Product: Baby Announcement Cards - Grey Photo Trio
Typically, new parents will send their baby announcement cards out within six months of their little one’s birth. This is hopefully enough time to settle into a new routine of nappy changing and sleep deprivation, without it being so long after the arrival that everyone will already know all about your new addition.

Get creative

When Should You Send Baby Announcements? - Baby Announcement Cards - Pink & Turquoise Photo Featured Product: Baby Announcement Cards - Pink & Turquoise Photo
Some may like to leave it a little longer, and include a collage of photographs on the card, showing baby’s changes from birth to several months old. If you decide to wait a while, you could even add a lovely personal touch by decorating the cards with baby’s hand or footprint at birth and after 6 or 9 months, to show their growth and development.
Of course, there’s also the option to send an earlier email note or post your news on your social media accounts, to keep your loved ones in the loop until you have time to send more formal cards.

Do it early

When Should You Send Baby Announcements? - Baby Announcement Cards - Girls Photo Typography Featured Product: Baby Announcement Cards - Girls Photo Typography
But, if you’d like to get the cards sent out to your friends and family sooner, whether because you’d like to thank them for cards and gifts, invite them to a celebration or christening, or simply just because you’d like to share the happy news as soon as possible, then it could pay to be organised before the baby arrives.
While you obviously won’t know all the details to include or have any photos, you can still give the inevitable ‘baby brain’ a helping hand and be prepared by selecting your template - or designing one if you’re creative - ready to add the all-important information when the time arrives.
Whatever you decide, baby announcement cards are a lovely way to let your nearest and dearest know of the new addition. So, whenever they arrive in the post, you can be sure they’ll be treasured.
What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card

What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card

Here at Dotty About Paper, we get plenty of questions about one of the most exciting parts of welcoming a new baby into the world - telling everyone else about it! Baby announcement cards might seem a little old-fashioned, but they're a personable and unique way to tell your family and friends about the new arrival. So, we've put together a handy guide to what you should put on a baby announcement card. Our large selection of baby announcement cards has something special for everyone.

Decide on your style

What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card - Baby Announcement Cards - Girls Photo Typography Featured Product: Baby Announcement Cards - Girls Photo Typography
Are you going to be formal or fun? Will you use photos of your new bundle of joy or cute cartoons and pictures? The type of card you pick will often inform the kind of information you put on there, so pick your card carefully.

Keep it simple

The purpose of the birth announcement card is to let people know that there's a brand new baby in the world - and it's yours! So it's better to keep things simple when you sit down to write it, rather than cluttering the card up with information people don't need to know. Traditionally, the card begins with a phrase or saying like 'Congratulations' or 'Hello, World'. Then, the names and surnames of the parents and of course, the new full name of the baby.
What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card - Baby Announcement Cards - Grey Photo Trio
Some cards also include other information about the baby, including its date of birth, what time it was born, how much it weighed and its height. You can also include the names of any siblings that the new baby has and how proud everybody is about the new birth.

Example Structure

Mrs X and Mr Y are proud to announce the birth of
First - Middle - Last Name
January 1st 2020
6lb 5oz
17 inches
Extra Information
What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card - Baby Announcement Cards - Neutral Photo Typography
If you're looking for your cards to be informal and fun, you can include a little message at the bottom of them. Sometimes these will be pre-printed, so make sure you pick an announcement card that matches how you feel. Lots of parents choose phrases like 'Mum and baby are doing well' or 'Mum and Dad are tired but in love with the new arrival'. If you do want to put an extra message onto the card, pick something that comes from the heart so people can really see your joy through the announcement.