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Wedding Gift Poem Cards

Gift poem cards are a great way to let your guests know how they can give a gift on your special day with beautiful wedding stationery. Tactful and unique, they take away the awkwardness of asking for cash or honeymoon contributions and can be sent with your wedding invitations. Simply choose your design and verse or send us your poem of choice.
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What are Wedding Gift Poem Cards?

Wedding Gift Poem Cards are small cards included in your wedding invitations that politely inform guests about your gift preferences. The card typically features a poem that asks guests to contribute to a honeymoon, charity, or simply give cash instead of traditional gifts.

Why should I use Wedding Gift Poem Cards?

Many couples already live together before marrying and don't need traditional household gifts. A Wedding Gift Poem Card is a polite and gentle way to let guests know what you'd truly appreciate as a wedding gift.

Can I customise my Wedding Gift Poem Cards?

Yes, at Dotty About Paper, you can personalise your Wedding Gift Poem Cards. You can choose from a variety of designs, modify colours, and fonts to match your wedding invitations and overall theme.

What is the delivery policy for Wedding Gift Poem Cards?

We offer free UK delivery on orders over £25. For orders below this amount, standard delivery charges apply.

Can I order a sample Wedding Gift Poem Card?

We provide the option to order a sample Wedding Invitation. This allows you to see and feel the quality of our cards before placing a full order.

Do all Wedding Gift Poem Cards come with envelopes?

Our Wedding Gift Poem Cards are typically included inside your main wedding invitation envelope. Therefore, separate envelopes are not typically included.

What should I write in my Wedding Gift Poem Cards?

The poem you choose should reflect your personality and politely express your gift preferences. Whether you prefer contributions towards a honeymoon, a charity donation, or perhaps a contribution to a future house, the choice is entirely yours. Dotty About Paper is committed to providing personalised and elegant Wedding Gift Poem Cards. We're here to help make communicating your gift preferences as straightforward and stylish as possible.