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What Can You Give Instead of Goodie Bags?

What Can You Give Instead of Goodie Bags?
Goody bags are a great addition to any kids party. Children love to walk away with a special surprise that will remind them of your fantastic event for the days ahead. Along with old fashioned games like ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ or ‘musical chairs’, the humble goody bag is often another victim of modern times.
But, that’s possibly no bad thing. With many parents choosing cheaper or more practical options for party gifts than hunting for sweets, lollies, cake and plastic toys to fill out goody bags.
So if, like many, you remember goody bags as a staple of childhood parties and are struggling to think of alternatives, here are some great ideas that won’t break the bank.

Something sweet

Sweet cones are a quick, cheap and potentially creative gesture to give to youngsters who have attended your child’s birthday party. The great thing about them is they’re fairly small and lightweight, so easy to transport to the venue, and you can put whatever sweets you choose in them, so they can be a perfect match for the party theme.
What Can You Give Instead of Goodie Bags? - Mermaid Party - Sweet Cone Bag & Sticker - Pack of 35
You can also buy personalised stickers to place on the cone bags too, for an extra professional touch.

The practical party favour

Kids are likely to have had a lot of sweets and cake at a party, so sending them home with more may not be for everyone. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives which could still come in at a similar price. There are several places where you can pick up a selection of storybooks for around £1 each, and these could make a lovely, practical token that other parents will love too. Or why not pick up a pack of notebooks or colouring books and a selection of pens, or maybe a sticker book for younger children?
What Can You Give Instead of Goodie Bags? - Dinosaur World - Party Bag & Sticker - Pack of 10
Another great way to gift your attendees is with bags and stickers. We have a gorgeous selection available to add that little personal touch.

Get creative

A great idea could be to turn the party favour into the party entertainment. Why not pick up some felt pens and plain white t-shirts and get the kids to decorate one each, or they could even decorate their own cookies which you could prepare in advance.