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Wedding Envelope Seals

Wedding Envelope Seals give your wedding invitations the stylish finishing touches they need. Have your wedding envelopes match the theme and colour of your day with our matching stationery sets.

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What are Wedding Envelope Seals?

Wedding Envelope Seals are adhesive stickers or wax seals used to secure the envelopes of your wedding invitations or save the dates. Besides their practical use, they add a stylish touch, tying in with the overall theme or aesthetic of your wedding stationery.

Why should I use Wedding Envelope Seals?

Wedding Envelope Seals add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wedding stationery. They create a polished, cohesive look and provide a lovely first impression when your guests receive their invitations.

Can I customise my Wedding Envelope Seals?

Absolutely! Dotty About Paper offers customisation options for your Wedding Envelope Seals. You can choose from a range of designs, colours, and themes to match your wedding stationery.

What is the size of your Wedding Envelope Seals?

The sizes of the Wedding Envelope Seals can vary. Please refer to the product details of each design on Dotty About Paper for specific dimensions.

Are Wedding Envelope Seals easy to use?

Yes, our Wedding Envelope Seals at Dotty About Paper are self-adhesive and easy to apply. Simply peel off the backing and stick it onto your envelope.

What is the delivery policy for Wedding Envelope Seals?

We offer free UK delivery on orders over £25. For orders under this amount, a standard delivery fee applies.

Can I order a sample of a Wedding Envelope Seal?

At the moment, we don't offer samples for Wedding Envelope Seals. However, we guarantee high-quality products that will match the description and visuals on our website.

Do Wedding Envelope Seals damage the envelopes?

No, our Wedding Envelope Seals are designed to securely seal your envelopes without causing any damage upon opening. Elevate your wedding stationery with our range of beautifully designed Wedding Envelope Seals. Dotty About Paper is committed to providing high-quality, customisable seals to add that special finishing touch to your invitations.