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Party Paper Plates

Dive into the colourful world of Dotty About Paper, where party paper plates become a vibrant expression of your celebration's style. Our variety includes shades from gentle baby pink and calming baby blue to lively lime green, bold turquoise, and the timeless appeal of apple red.

Every pack of our meticulously designed party tableware adds a special touch to your event, blending practicality with style. Explore our range and discover the ideal party paper plates to elevate your festive atmosphere.

Pack Quantity: Each pack of our party paper plates contains 8 plates, ideal for intimate gatherings and easily scalable for larger events.

Plate Size: Our party paper plates are sized at 18cm, perfect for accommodating a range of party foods.

Eco-Friendly: All our party paper plates are recyclable. We're committed to offering stylish and functional party tableware that's environmentally responsible.

Theming Possibilities: Our plates, such as the lovely pastel baby pink ones, can help you theme your party. We provide a range of colours to perfectly complement your chosen theme.

Matching Party Supplies: Explore the rest of our essential party supplies to discover matching items and create a coordinated look for your celebration.