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What Do You Put inside a Party Bag?

What Do You Put inside a Party Bag?
We all know how stressful organising a child’s birthday party can be, but once you pull it off you can relax and enjoy the celebrations. If you’ve already organised the venue, invitations, cake, entertainment and food, the final thing on your to-do list will be the party bags. The contents of a party bag will totally depend on the age of the child, however, there are a few staple items that can be adapted to all ages and interests. Choose from tried and tested ideas like bubbles and cake, to slightly more creative items such as masks, sweet cones, and vegetable seeds. We have created a list of some of our favourite items to put inside party bags.

It all starts with a bag

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Before you can begin to fill up a party bag, you will need to find the right style. Ooh La Llama paper bags offer plenty of space for your items and come with personalised stickers - ideal if you have children with different dietary needs. This style of bag comes in lots of varieties with a choice of dinosaur, make-up, rocket, and unicorn stickers.

A piece of cake

You’ve put so much effort into finding the best birthday cake, the last thing you will want is to forget about it at the end of the day. If you haven’t eaten the cake during the party, slice it up and put a piece into each bag. After all, the kids have probably had enough sugar by this point anyway!

Sweet cones

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For another tasty treat, use sweet cone bags and fill them with your kids’ favourite sweets. Pour the sweets into layers to add a splash of colour and creativity to your bags. You can also add lovely thank you stickers on top, for a personal touch.


A party bag staple, bubbles are a popular item that will go down well with your guests. They are also affordable to purchase in bulk, suiting all budgets. Bubbles can come in a variety of containers and styles to match your theme.


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Colouring pencils, books, pens, rubbers, and pencil sharpeners all sound like they belong in a school pencil case, but they are also a great option for party bags. A small colouring book and some pencils are easy to find and certainly won’t break the bank. They are also a good way for kids to unwind after the party.


Better for older children, seeds are a unique option and will make your party bags stand out. Plant seeds or vegetable seeds are an eco-friendly option and a great educational gift. This way the children have something to plant and watch grow in their garden, making it a fun and useful gift.

Cookie/cake mix

Another useful gift is a cake or cookie mix. Get creative in the kitchen and put together your favourite mixture. Bag it up and write down the recipe, or order some personalised stickers to put on top. Layered cookie mixes also look really exciting.


Perhaps you’ve had a superhero, dinosaurs, jungle animal party or something completely different. Whatever the theme of your party, there will be a mask to suit it. Perfect for most ages, children love masks and enjoy showing their friends what they got. Randomly place the masks into bags, without looking at their names, for some added fun and laughter.