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How to Say Thank You to Your Teachers: 101

How to Say Thank You to Your Teachers: 101

The end of the school year is fast approaching. This means the time when we show our appreciation to all our wonderful teachers through gifts and cards is on it's way too!

They don't just teach your children. Teachers support them, look after them and make sure they’re as happy as can be! I’m sure your children absolutely love their favourite teacher and can't wait to get them the perfect present.

We’ve done some groundwork for you and talked to some local teachers. We asked them what their ideal present would be and got back some lovely stories of their favourite and funniest teacher gifts and cards through the years!

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Chalkboard Doodles Teacher Thank You Cards - Mixed Pack of 6

Although they have the best of intentions, sometimes leaving ideas up to your children can be a risk. One of our favourite stories we got from a teacher was a last minute classic…

“The funniest present I’ve ever received has got to be an apple! The child had clearly just got it out of their lunch box as a “gift” for me. As much as I like apples, it definitely does not make a good present but did give us all a laugh.”

Get Creative Teacher Gifts

Gifts and cards don’t have to break the bank. Sometimes, the ones that our teachers remember and love the most, are the ones that show time and effort. One teacher told us “The best gifts are always the ones the children have made themselves, whether that be a card or a drawing. I always keep them in my memory box as they’re lovely to look back on and to remember the past children I have taught!” Here are some lovely letters of appreciation for another one of our teachers that the children had created themselves. We think they’re absolutely amazing!

The World Needs Teachers - A5 Personalised Teacher Sign
Little Panda - Portrait - A5 Personalised Teacher Sign


Another teacher that we contacted also told us they once received a “survival kit with a little reason on each small gift”. We absolutely love this idea and think this would be perfect for Teachers during the holidays!

Get sentimental Teachers gifts and cards

One of our primary school teachers we spoke to said “To think that parents/children have consciously chose something for me to say thank you always makes me emotional”. To make your teacher’s day, going for something sentimental is always going to go down well. The same teacher told us she has received a lightbulb shaped glass with a label saying “my future is brighter because of you”.

Fun Kraft Paper Flowers - A5 Personalised Teacher Sign

We also loved this teacher’s beautiful card made of seeds saying “Thank you for helping me grow”. She told us “I like it that much I don’t want to plant it just yet!”

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Get Personal Teachers Gifts

Personalised presents mean a lot to everyone, especially teachers. One teacher told us that “one student bought me a personalised Thorntons chocolate bar which was lovely. Adding that personal touch definitely makes a present even more special!” One of our lucky teachers have been gifted personalised dog toys and personalised teacher stickers in the past.

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Little Panda - Landscape - A5 Personalised Teacher Sign

Getting a personalised gift for your teacher doesn’t always have to mean putting their name on it. Buying them something personal to them is also just as meaningful. One of our teachers told us that “a child gave me one of his fossils out of his collection because we both love dinosaurs. He put it in a special little gift box and everything.” Another told us that “A gift that is personal to you to show the student knows you e.g. an album of your favourite artist”.

Thank You to Our Teachers

Thank you to the teachers who kindly took part in this blog. It was so lovely to see all the beautiful things you’ve received through the years. We hope you enjoyed our teacher thank you guide and now have some wonderful (teacher-approved) ideas.

P.S. We also found that an overall consensus suggests alcohol and chocolates are always a winner too!

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