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Jubilee Party Ideas

Throwing a Royal Wedding Street Party - ThatPerfectPartyCo Photo Props

Everyone is looking for Jubilee Party ideas!

With family and friends getting together to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, it's a good time to play games old and new! Here are a few of our favourite ideas.

Pin the Crown on the Queen

Super simple and good for all ages. All you need is a big picture of the Queen, some cardboard crowns, and a blindfold! Then let the laughs begin!

Royal Wedding grips Britain with street parties across the country | Daily  Mail Online
Bright Union Jack cake bunting topper from Emma Bunting

Musical Thrones

I don’t think we need to explain this one! Play musical chairs with a royal twist. And to add in some extra fun, get the kids to decorate the chairs as thrones with anything they can find in the house. The best decoration wins a prize!

Jubilee Crafts

Help the kids colour flags, make homemade bunting, and even bake scones for the cream tea! Yum yum!

Children baking cupcakes, preparing ingredients, decorating cookies - a  Royalty Free Stock Photo from Photocase

Pass the Jubilee Parcel

No need for stamps here! So just pass the parcel and see who can win the crown jewels inside.

Sleeping Corgis

This is a great game for parents who need a little break. Get all the kids to lie down like sleeping corgis - the first one to move is out. You just have to keep going until you have a winner!

Royal Karaoke

Dancing queen, killer queen, the joker and the queen… You can see where we're going with this! Throw a karaoke competition with themed songs.

Jubilee Party Ideas -
Photo from That Perfect Party Company

Royal Bingo

Great for a street party! Try making some funny royalty-themed number calls to make it even better. For example, 'Jubilee, number three' or 'One little corgi, number forty'!

We hope you love these party ideas. If you think of any more, please share them over on our Instagram page!

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