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Top tips for winning best picnic on Sports Day

Top tips for winning best picnic on Sports Day

That nerve-wracking feeling has come back around… yes it’s Sport’s Day. Now when we say this, we don’t mean the potential tears and tantrums of a frustrating second place or the sunburn and hay-fever from supporting your mini athlete, we mean the dreaded parent’s race. There is, however, one competition we can guarantee you win and that’s the best picnic! Sometimes, it’s about picking your battles… you know in your heart you’re no Usain Bolt but you CAN be the Stacey Solomon of the school Mums!

Here are my top tips on having the best picnic set-up on the school field that’ll get you the gold medaled seal of approval!

Pick a theme...

Having a themed picnic set-up will instantly elevate the look and give an effortless put-together feel. That feeling of having everything matching makes for a dreamy and inviting layout! For a picnic, I think that my favourite party themes are our teddy bear picnic set-up which would pair beautifully with a gingham blanket. Also, our tea party theme naturally complements all your cakes and sweet treats perfectly.

Tea Party Invitations - Royal Tea Party - Pack of 10
Tea party invitations

Get your picnic personal

To take that one step closer to perfection, you definitely need to have your items personalised! Personalising your labels and stickers takes it from a lovely picnic to ‘the best picnic we’ve seen in a long time!’. You can also keep track of your items and Tupperware that I’m sure will go travelling between all of the Mums. I love the idea of labelling with ‘James’ Mum’s picnic’ for example or ‘*their school*’s Picnic 2022’.

Top tip: We also do intolerance stickers too. This means Tupperware can be easily labelled as gluten-free, dairy-free etc to keep all of the children safe and feeling included. This means your picnic can literally be for everyone!

Pirate - Large Round Personalised Party Stickers - Pack of 12
Round personalised stickers

Make naughty treats nice for the picnic!

As all children do (and some adults), they will head straight for those sugary and sweet treats. Why not make them look even sweeter? Pop them into our sweet bags and stickers treat holders! This allows for some form of portion control for your children and allows them to keep as tidy and clean as possible. Why not try and sneak some healthy snacks in there too? By putting them in our sweet bags, it makes them seem more exciting and special than they may at first appear!

Tea Party - Sweet Bag & Sticker - Pack of 35
Tea party sweet bag and sticker

Quality... and quantity!

Who says you have to choose between quality and quantity? We definitely don’t! As you will undoubtedly be crowned as the Mum with the best picnic, we’re sure everyone will be stopping by to take a peak or even have a little taste. We recommend you come prepared to accommodate the crowds! A lot of our items come in packs of 8 or more to make sure there’s plenty of Dotty picnic luxury to share around!

Zoom image
Tea party theme

Extra special detail

To go that extra mile, make sure you don’t forget about those little details! To ensure your theme runs throughout the whole look of your perfect picnic, you want to add our soft striped paper straws that come in a variety of different colours. Also, add our matching paper cups and plates. This will instantly tie together your set-up and give you the most instagrammable picnic. I’m sure even Stacey Solomon would be proud to claim it!


Thank you so much for reading. I'm sure with these tips and ideas you will be hosting the perfect picnic this Sport's day and throughout the summer holidays!

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