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Organising a Baby Naming Ceremony

Organising a Baby Naming Ceremony
Welcoming a new child into the world is a happy occasion for any family. Traditionally, christenings and other services have been used to celebrate births. However, these ceremonies don’t always suit parents’ needs. For instance, they may not be members of any religion, or they may have multi-faith family members. Many parents are choosing to hold naming ceremonies instead. Baby A naming ceremony is held to celebrate child’s arrival, regardless of age - this makes them popular with adopting and fostering families too. A ‘celebrant’ leads the ceremony. Parents usually read out special pledges to the child, such as a promise to care for them; supporting adults may do the same. Poetry or prose can be read out. And, of course, there will be an official naming. A few words about the story behind the name adds personal meaning.

Types of Naming Ceremonies

Civil naming ceremonies are a government-led way to mark your child’s arrival. To book one, contact your local Register Office. They are held in a licensed location, and religious content is not allowed. Choosing a civil ceremony means that you won’t have to stress about planning the structure - it is already set out. All you’ll have to do is practise reading your pledges and send out invitations. The Card Gallery has a range of naming ceremony stationery that can be fully personalised. NC2 Featured Designs: 'Twins Peeping Toes' and 'Bunny Fairy' Humanist naming ceremonies are conducted by The British Humanist Association. For a fee, they will provide a celebrant who works with guardians to tailor a ceremony that suits their ideas. They will also lead the ceremony. The venue is not limited, so you can choose your location. The guardians have control over what features they want in the celebration. This allows you to design your dream ceremony. It’s a more expensive option, but you’ll receive professional guidance to help make your own perfect welcoming.

Organise Your Own Ceremony

Remember, naming ceremonies have no legal status. But they are a great way of celebrating a memorable milestone. So why not simply organise a party yourself? Invite friends and relatives to celebrate the arrival of your new family member. Plan promises, speeches, or readings you want to give, and practise them so you’re confident on the day. A great list of poems can be found here if you need some inspiration! You could make refreshments for guests to give the day a celebratory atmosphere, as well as decorating with some bunting and confetti. You could even choose a theme that suits your child’s name, like matching a garden party to a floral name. NC1 Featured Designs: 'Singing Birds Postcard' and 'Rose Bud' Naming ceremonies are a great alternative to traditional christenings. The day can be as formal or as relaxed as you want! And you can choose your own budget, either opting to spend more for some extra help, or arranging the ceremony yourself. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a memorable day for all.