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Celebrating National Handwriting Day

Celebrating National Handwriting Day
In our busy digital age, handwriting has become less common as emails and texts provide a quick and easy alternative. It can be easy to forget how special it feels to receive a handwritten message! On 23rd January, we celebrated National Handwriting Day. So now's the time to send a lovingly handwritten card! “In the age of social media, taking the time to add a personal touch can often be forgotten,” says Lisa Forde, Director of The Card Gallery. “Everything is instant, and we forget sometimes about the real relationships that we have forged. National Handwriting Day is the perfect opportunity to really take the time to tell someone how you feel.” To help you celebrate the written word this week, Lisa has come up with ten ideas to try.

Surprise Notes

We all know how busy mornings can be; we don’t always have time to talk with our family before we have to rush out the door. Leaving a handwritten note in your partner’s bag is a great way to give them a little surprise. It’s sure to leave them smiling for the rest of the day once they read it! The Card Gallery has a great range of notelets perfect for small messages. Notelet Featured Design: 'Vintage Flowers - Thank You Notelet'

Keep in Touch

It’s hard to keep in touch with people we don’t see every day. We all have our own schedules, and despite our best efforts to stay in contact, life often gets in the way! So why not send a letter to a friend you haven’t seen for a while? You might write to an old school friend, or a distant relative. It’s a touching way to show you’re thinking about them.

Leave a Gift

People might not always associate letters with gifts, but a carefully handwritten letter makes a wonderful keepsake. It’s unique and personal to the recipient. Try giving a lovingly crafted letter instead of a present – they can read it on the day or save it to read in the future.

Learn to Write

Try mastering a new skill! Calligraphy and stencilling are great fun to learn. You’ll soon be creating your own beautiful letters! This means you can also add a personal touch to your cards on special occasions. Our ready-to-write stationery has room for you to show off your new talent! ReadyTo Featured Design: 'Gingham Thank You Bunting - Ready to Write'

Message in a Bottle

This is an exciting way to share the joy of handwriting! Tucking a letter in a bottle and throwing it in the ocean might be traditional, but we don’t want to encourage littering! So instead, take a photo of a handwritten letter with a point of contact, post it on social media, and see how far it goes! “In a world where some believe we are becoming more disconnected, the more we connect, the closer we feel,” says Lisa. “These ideas for National Handwriting Day promote communication, creativity, and happiness.”