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Children’s Pamper Party Ideas

Children’s Pamper Party Ideas
A pamper party is a fun way to make your little princess feel like a star. The theme works with so many different kinds of party, from birthday bashes to cosy sleepovers!


We’ve got a great range of birthday invitations that would be perfect for a pamper party. Our ‘Girl’s Pamper Party’ invite is a cute option for any glamorous girl, while the ‘Nail Varnish’ design offers a sophisticated touch. Simply personalise the stationery with the party details and you’re ready to go! Pamper Party Invitations Featured Designs: 'Girls Pamper Party Invitation' and 'Nail Varnish Invitation'


Nothing says ‘pamper’ quite like a salon, so why not turn your party room into a beauty parlour? Set up chairs and a mirror for each girl. You can then get to work decorating them with fairy lights, flowers, and other pretty things. Try to keep the colours consistent – pink is always a favourite - and make sure to use a table cloth that you won’t mind getting messy! Lay out newly-bought hairbrushes, make-up, and party favours so that the children will be excited from the moment they step inside! Table Add some personalised bunting to finish off the decorations. Why not match it to your invitations using The Card Gallery’s stationery collections? Bunting Featured Designs: 'Nail Varnish Party Bag & Sticker' and 'Nail Varnish Bunting'


A popular pamper party choice is a chocolate fountain, complete with a colourful variety of marshmallows and fruit. Not only does it look fantastic, it can also be reused at any of your future events! Chocolate Fountain You can add fun twists to traditional party snacks, like topping cupcakes with edible glitter or putting chocolate sticks into small cakes to make them look like nail varnish bottles. nailpolish cakes Let the girls pretend they’re famous grown-up stars with some plastic cocktail glasses and pink lemonade. Consider getting a heart-shaped ice tray to add a girly touch to the drinks!


Pamper party entertainment requires coordination, so it’s a good idea to wait until everyone has arrived before starting. To keep the children happy as they wait for the others, provide some age-appropriate magazines like a real salon, or give them some blank paper and let them draw their own fashion designs. The main event of any pamper party is a special makeover. You can apply the make-up yourself, asking friends, other mothers, or older guests to help. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple touches like lipstick, blush, and nail-painting are sure to make the girls feel glamorous! Buy a few children’s make-up sets from trusted shops such as Claire’s and let the guests share them. Claires Make Up You can fill party bags with small, cute accessories like necklaces, hair clips, and rings. The Card Gallery has a great range of party bag stickers to make them look extra special! The children can use their new items to add the finishing touches to their makeover. A few sweets and some cute stickers, like these Butterfly Stickers from Amazon, can be used if the children are too young for jewellery. Party Bag Once the girls have dressed up, they can have a fashion show. Try making a little runway with a pink carpet, fairy lights, and some sparkly confetti. Having a beauty shoot is exciting for the children, and it’s a great way to capture some special photos for the birthday girl to treasure. Runway Finish up with some classic games that have been given the pamper party makeover! Use sparkly paper to hide a cute compact in Pass the Parcel, or sing along to the girls’ favourite pop songs with a karaoke competition.