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What Do You Write in a Wedding Guest Book?

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The newly married couple have specially selected a beautiful wedding guest book so that they can cherish memories of their wedding and the people they shared it with for years to come. When it comes to your turn to write a message in the guest book, you want to write something meaningful and heartfelt. But just as you about to put pen to paper - your mind goes blank! Don’t worry; we have all been there! Continue reading to discover some useful tips to help you prepare for the big day.

1. Don’t forget to sign

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s surprising how many people forget to actually sign their carefully written messages in a wedding guest book!

Eucalyptus - Wedding Guest Book

So, unless you want your beautiful and personal message to leave the newly married couple scratching their heads – sign your name!

2. Get personal

A wedding guest book should be full of messages from close family, friends and acquaintances - so why are many of the messages usually just ‘Congratulations’, ‘Best wishes’ or ‘Have a nice Honeymoon’? By making your message more personal, you can help create a wonderful memento from one of the most important days of the couple’s lives.

3. Inject some comedy

If you’re not the sentimental type, it can be challenging to know what to write on wedding stationery.

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Navy Country Flowers - Wedding Guest Book

So, if you’re struggling to think of something heart-warming to say – why not try adding a comedic touch? Be careful not to say anything rude or inappropriate, though. This is the time to bring out your best dad jokes!

4. Use a quote

If you are battling for inspiration, and no words come to mind. You could always make use of a beautiful quote about love or marriage from your favourite author or songwriter. While it might not be the most original message in the world, at least you will have helped the bride and groom commemorate their special day.

5. Share a memory

One of the most lovely and personal touches you can add to a wedding guest book is sharing a memory about the couple.

Rustic Lace - Wedding Guest Book

A particular memory from childhood can make a beautiful addition to a guest book and bring a tear to the eye of anyone reading it. The best kinds of memories to write about are ones which have some connection to the relationship between the married couple, e.g. perhaps the groom let you know how amazing he thought the bride was after their first date!