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How Far in Advance Do You Send out Wedding Invitations?

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We’re often asked how far in advance you should send out your wedding invitations, and the honest truth is that there is no hard and fast rule. It very much depends on when and where you’re getting married, but we’ve put together this post to give some general guidance.

Peak season or off-peak?

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The peak season for weddings runs from around the middle of May to the start of October, with the summer months the most popular choice for couples getting married. The summer is also a time when many people are booking vacations and going abroad. That, coupled with the school holidays and childcare, means that if you’re marrying in the summer then you need to send out save the date cards well in advance.

We would suggest sending out your invites around a year ahead of your big day, to see that people save the date and don’t book their summer holidays the same week. The same rule of thumb should apply if you’re marrying at other busy times of the year such as Christmas and Easter when many guests will have other commitments.

If you’re marrying during the quieter months of autumn and winter, then sending out your invites around six to eight months before your wedding is about right. That still gives people ample time to book days off work or make travel arrangements.

In the UK or overseas?

We’d suggest similar timescales if you’re getting married in the UK or overseas. Weddings abroad inevitably involve more planning, for guests as well as the happy couple. You need to leave your invitees enough time to get together their funds, reserve time off work and book flights, so it’s worth sending your invites out at least twelve months in advance and longer if you’re going to a popular destination.

Destination Passport Wedding Invitation
Destination Passport Wedding Invitation

If you’re celebrating your wedding in the UK, then the same six to eight months is adequate. People will still need time to organise work and possibly childcare arrangements, but travelling within the UK is certainly easier than trying to book a flight in the middle of the summer holidays!

In summary, you need to think about where and when you are getting married in order to work out when to send your invitations. On the whole, it’s never too early if you want everyone to attend!