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Wedding Favour Boxes & Cake Boxes

Wedding Favour Boxes & Cake Boxes
Favour Boxes Wedding favours are often the only thing that guests will take home at the end of your wedding so it’s something to bear in mind when choosing yours. When buying your wedding favours you may wonder why we have them and what is the history behind them? Well … Wedding favours have been around for hundreds of years, with aristocrats from Europe, Italy and France providing their guests with a small gift known as a bonbonniere. Weddings were seen as a lucky time so by passing on a small gift was a way of passing on their luck. The favour box traditionally contained five sugared almonds which stood for health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. Today wedding favours are still seen as an important part of your wedding day. It is still considered good manners to leave your guests a small token at their place setting to show your appreciation for attending your special day. Modern wedding favours come in a wide range of different shapes and styles and are often filled with chocolate or fun sweets like jelly love hearts or marshmallows. Another alternative favour idea is a single lottery ticket, these can bring fun and excitement to your evening especially if someone wins! Bride-favour-box-500 Tuxedo favour box 500 Cake Boxes Wedding cake boxes come in a range of different shapes and sizes and make handing out a slice of wedding cake at the end of the evening that little bit easier! Wedding cakes can be cut in 2 different ways, as a rectangular slice or as a triangular wedge so make sure you cut your cake to fit your box otherwise you may be left in a messy situation at the end of the night! Cupcakes have also been increasingly popular over recent years, they look pretty and are quick and easy to dish out at the end of the evening - if you've brought an appropiate box! If you are sending your guests home with a beautifully decorated cupcake from your big day you will need to ensure it arrives home in tact and not as a mushy mess! Cupcake boxes can be purchased fairly cheaply and contain an insert with a cut out in which your cake will sit in preventing it from moving about – thus keeping it in tact! a-piece-of-cake-500 cupcake-box-500 Wedding Favour Boxes and Wedding Cake Boxes can be purchased from The Card Gallery and are available non-personalised or personalised. And if you fancy the idea of gifting a lottery ticket then why not take a look at our Lottery Ticket Holders, at just £1 each they come with personalisation and free delivery - you really can't go wrong!