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The Card Gallery is celebrating being 10 years old!

The Card Gallery is celebrating being 10 years old!
It seems hard to believe that The Card Gallery is 10 years old! In March 2004, the concept of The Card Gallery was formed, and by June 2004 we had become a limited company and sales had begun! It had all begun in September 2002, my husband and I had married, and I'd been shocked at the cost of wedding stationery and the lack of colour and style choice. Some months later after a rather extended back-packing round-the-world honeymoon adventure, a doodle pad on a train journey became filled with ideas for what later became The Card Gallery. A trusted friend and business advisor had told me when I had decided to set up my own company, after years of dreaming of doing so, that it would be much easier to purchase an existing company than to start a new one from scratch. Statistics said that up to 50% of companies would fail in the first 5 years, but no, head-strong and enthusiastic, I forged ahead. Looking back at all that we have achieved (I'll allow this just for today rather than beating myself up for all the things I haven't yet got to), I have to thank all of our wonderful team of staff (there are 8 of us), our lovely customers, of which there have been thousands, and our suppliers, without all of whom we would not be here today. Over the next 10 months, we'll be sharing our birthday celebrations with you, with 10 giveaways, 1 per month. Visit our Facebook page today, share us and like us to enter our first giveaway to win £100 to spend on anything from our website. Thank you for reading my ramblings, Lisa Forde xx