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Summer Festivals and Parties

Summer Festivals and Parties
The schools are out and, as I’m writing, the sun is out. Everyone’s in a holiday mood, including me, so I thought I’d share with you some International Festivals to inspire you into some international summer celebrations.
  1. Air Guitar Festival – Finland. From the nation who bought us Monster –rock Euro winners us, Lordi, this is the Eurovision of air guitar. Air-guitar lessons, qualifying rounds and a grand final lead to the crowning of the World Champion air-guitarist on the 30th August. The slogan for the festival: “Make Air not War.”
  2. Comic-Con International – San-Diego. Ok, so it sounds like you might bump into Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, but if you’re into comics, sci-fi or fantasy adventure, this event is for you. Think you’re not a geek – think again, hands up all those who love Sponge Bob, Simpsons, Pokemon and My Little Pony.
  3. Edinburgh Fringe Festival Scotland. I’ve actually been to this one. This is truly the Good, Bad and the Ugly of theatre and art. If you are lucky you’ll get to see some amazing up-and-coming comedian, if not you might end up watching a play that “crawls like a slug across your afternoon” (an actual review of a play I was involved in). There’s the very expensive tickets for people you’ve heard of and the “pay what you can” ticket for the people you’ve never heard of and never want to see again. Take your pick.
  4. Esala Perahera Kandy, Sri Lanka. This is the Festival of the Tooth of Lord Buddha and lasts 10 days. Parades of lavishly dressed elephants and local dancers make this an exciting and colourful symbol of Sri Lanka.
  5. Fuji Rock Festival Japan. Its billing as the “cleanest festival in the world” makes this instantly appealing to me. With an international line-up including Basement Jaxx and Travis and a number of tribute bands across seven stages this looks like the real deal.
  6. Maine Lobster Festival USA In its 66th year, this festival has a global following of visitors who go along to taste fresh lobster (and other crustaceans) in this massive food fest. There’s also music, arts and crafts and pageants to make it a truly American fair.
  7. Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea – This most colourful of Commonwealth countries puts on this annual gathering of over 100 tribes to show case their own cultural dances and music in a pageant to celebrate their diversity. Noisy and vivid, this one is still for the more adventurous (and prosperous) traveller.
  8. Newport Folk Festival USA – Legendary for introducing Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, and Alison Krauss to the world, this is a festival who’s tradition is in being progressive. Not just for folk aficionados, this offers a diverse musical menu from start to finish.
  9. Pukkelpop Festival Belgium. I love the name (why does it make me think of Leeds fest?) and there’s an amazing line-up of over 200 acts. One of the biggest music festivals in Europe and it has over 30,000 spaces to park your bicycle.
  10. Tango-Beunos Aries – Argentina. The festival of all tango festivals. Get prepared for the Strictly season or your wedding’s first dance. Thousands of people dance the tango in the street and compete for the tango world championship. Hot, hot, hot.
Phew. I’m feeling inspired for my next Big Zero party – tangoing whilst playing the air-guitar followed by lobster eating and body painting. Now, do we have an invitation card for that?