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How to Invite People to your Celebration

How to Invite People to your Celebration
Sending an invitation has never been easier or cheaper. You can send a message in so many ways, most of them costing nothing except for time and the technology you own. But getting the message across has never been more difficult. In these days of digital communication it is so easy to ignore what comes your way. So, when you are organising any celebration you need to think about the most appropriate way to invite people. There are a number of different things to consider when you are thinking how to send your invitations. 1. What is the event? 2. Who are the guests? How many of them are there? How old are they? 3. What is the timescale? 4. What is your budget? If the invitation is for a trip to the pub with your mates to celebrate a promotion, a text to everyone or a facebook event is probably fine. However, if the celebration is a big birthday party, anniversary or wedding you will probably take a different approach. Here is our guide to the ways of sending out invitations and when they should be used. Social Media Advantages: it is quick and cheap. You can answer queries easily and post things like maps and menus as part of the event. Disadvantage: the people you invite might not all use the same social media platform. It is easy to ignore and not respond. People you want to invite might not be on social media or might not be active on it. There can be a discrepancy between the number of people who say they are coming and those who turn up – it does not look very official, so often people just don’t bother. Equally the numbers can snowball if the invitation is extended outside the group you have invited. Best used for informal parties among your closest friends. Text Message Advantages: quick and cheap. People tend to respond quickly. Disadvantage: can be time consuming to get the invitation list together – people change numbers frequently. Some people rarely use text. Best used for very small impromptu events Email Advantages: quick and cheap. The invitation can be made to look very eye-catching so that people remember it. Disadvantage: can be time consuming to get the invitation list together – people change emails frequently. Very easy for recipients to ignore, particularly if it hits the inbox after a weekend or holiday. Best used for large social events where you are inviting a lot of people, for example a sports club social. Telephone Advantages: You know who you have invited because you have spoken to them. People often write down details of a ‘phone call directly onto a calendar. It is nice to catch up with people and talk. Disadvantages: It is time consuming as you have to find numbers, follow up messages and conversations can be lengthy. Depending on your payment terms it can be costly. Best used to back up any of the other methods and chase people who haven’t responded. Card by Post Advantages: It has become a rarity to receive something nice in the post, so they are opened and retained, sometimes as keepsakes. No one is left out because they don’t have the technology. You can include full details of the event. Disadvantage: It is the most expensive option once stamps are included in the price and can be time-consuming if you hand write them all yourself. Best used for events where there is a range of age groups and where actual numbers are crucial for catering purposes, for example weddings and family parties. In reality for any big event you are probably going to have to use a variety of methods of communication to ensure that you get the message out and you get a response back.