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Traditional Wedding Anniversary Presents

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Presents
August and September are the busiest months for weddings, so it goes without saying that it is the busiest time for wedding anniversaries too. For most couples the 25th anniversary, silver, is the first one they really celebrate with family and friends, followed by ruby (40th), gold (50th) and diamond (60th). According to Debrett’s, the silver and gold tradition arose in Medieval Germany when a husband gave his wife a present of a silver or gold wreath after 25 and 50 and years of marriage respectively – I suspect these were very rare back then. The diamond anniversary was first used to celebrate Queen Victoria’s reign and then became linked to 60th wedding anniversaries. It is not clear where these other “traditional” anniversaries come from – many seem to come from the USA in the earliest 20th century and are possibly attributed to commercial interests. The name for the anniversary gives a guide to the couple as to what to buy each other. So, if you need inspiration for an anniversary gift for your spouse, or you want to gain some points at the next pub quiz, here is the full list of “traditional” presents: 1st - Paper 2nd - Cotton 3rd - Leather 4th - Linen 5th - Wooden 6th - Iron 7th - Copper 8th - Bronze 9th - Pottery 10th - Tin 11th - Steel 12th - Silk & Fine Linen 13th - Lace 14th - Ivory 15th - Crystal 20th - China 25th - Silver 30th - Pearl 35th - Coral 40th - Ruby 50th - Gold 60th - Diamond 65th - Blue Sapphire 70th - Platinum 80th - Oak If you don’t like the idea of giving an iron gift, for instance, I have managed to locate some alternative anniversary lists, again probably developed for commercial purposes, but at least they can provide some alternative present or theme inspiration.