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How Much to Spend on a Gift for Your Teacher

How Much to Spend on a Gift for Your Teacher Thumbnail

Leaving school can be an expensive time. There are presents and cards to buy for those you are saying goodbye to, as well as the price of celebrations. But when it comes to teachers, how much should we spend on gifts?

Spending for One Teacher

You don't need to feel like you have to buy expensive gifts for each teacher. If you have one teacher that taught all the subjects, then it might be a good idea to spend more on them than you would if you had several different teachers to consider. Up to £15 is very generous and gives you a good range of product options to get them. Or you could make something for your teachers by hand. This will not only save some money, but it's also more personal. They're sure to be thrilled to receive something so unique and special!

Spending for Several Teachers

If you have several teachers to show your appreciation to, spending about £5 on each person would be a good budget. You can get something small, like a stationary product that they will find useful. But there are other options, too. Boxes of chocolates are also a classic that most will appreciate!


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If you wanted to make the item a bit more personal, but don't feel confident making something yourself, you could order a customised product. Spend that extra bit of money and get something personalised with the teacher’s name. For example, with just over £10, you could get a unique sign with their name on it, exercise books, or handy note cards. You do not have to spend lots to be thoughtful and generous. Just keep your teacher in mind and find something that suits them!


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