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What Do You Write in a Leavers Book?

What Do You Write in a Leavers Book?
A leavers book is the perfect way to keep memories alive. It is always sad when things come to an end, especially when it involves saying goodbye to people you would normally see every day. But a leavers book can help you to leave on a high note! Writing in each other’s books shows your appreciation for the friendships you've built. So, what should you write?

Add memories

Adding a personal touch with one of your favourite memories makes your message unique. A funny or sweet story, like the time you first met, is always a good idea. Other recent memories will create a snapshot of your time together. You could even go on to say that you will continue to make new memories in the next stage of your lives. When they look at the book in the future, reading all these special memories will take them back to a specific time that you both treasured. Fun Doodles Leavers Book Featured Design: 'Fun Doodles - Personalised A5 Wiro Bound School Leavers Book'

Keep it short and sweet

You can keep your message short and sweet and still give the same memorable effect. For example, just saying something about what you treasure most in your friend makes it personal. Maybe it's a comment on how your friend always makes you laugh or how much you admire one of their talents. Classic goodbye phrases, such as ‘I will miss you’ and ‘Good luck in the future’, will bring the message to a perfect end.

Add photos to make it personal

Adding photos will create visual memories and give a very personal touch to your words. Photographs showing memories or stories that you write about will help bring the book to life. There is nothing better then looking back at old pictures, after all! This is especially true for an important event like leaving school. If you can, adding pictures both old and recent will show how far you have come together. This will all give your message an attractive look that has had lots of effort put into it. Navy Scattered Flowers Leavers Book Featured Design: 'Navy Scattered Flowers - A5 School Leavers Book'