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Can You Send Wedding Invitations Too Early?

Luxury Delicate Swirl Pattern Wedding Invitation

You might have heard the phrase 'planning makes perfect', and at no time could that saying be more apt than in the run-up to a wedding. It really can't hurt to get things done early when you can, but when it comes to wedding invitations, is there such a thing as too early? That's the question we ask in this blog.

The art of timing

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Sending your wedding invitations out ahead of time may not be as problematic as leaving it too late, but you still risk some issues. Having an 'itchy trigger finger' can mean your invitations lack relevance, as the day itself is still so far away. That means they could get cast aside and forgotten about. In some cases, your recipients may not know if they will be available so far in advance.

Use your save the dates wisely

Calligraphy Heart Names Save the Date Magnets
Calligraphy Heart Names Save the Date Magnets

One way of making sure that people get the date into their diaries without sending out your invitations too early is by delivering a round of save the date cards. These can act as a pre-warning which goes out roughly twice as early as the invitation before the wedding, allowing you to alert people to the wedding taking place without requesting that they confirm their attendance at that stage.

When should you send?

So having offered some key considerations, let's get to the crux of the matter. Just how early should you send your wedding invitations? Once you have sent your save the dates out, for a locally held wedding, sending your wedding invitations out around 8 weeks in advance is fine. But if you are having a destination wedding - that is, a wedding held overseas - your invitations can be sent up to four months in advance, with save the dates going out as early as eight months before the big day.

Beach Paradise Wedding Invitation
Beach Paradise Wedding Invitation

If you are having your wedding in your home country, but in a location which is far away from your local area, you could aim for a send-out date somewhere in between a local and destination wedding.

Deciding on when to send a wedding invitation requires striking a balance between spreading the word in good time and being close enough to the date itself. Regardless of invitation timing, one thing to remember is that the people you really care about will make an effort to be there if they can.