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How Do I Seat My Divorced Parents at My Wedding?

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When it comes to planning your wedding day, you can often find yourself in tricky family situations - especially with divorced parents!

For many people, the idea of a picture perfect wedding is worlds away from what their family is actually like. Most divorced parents do not get along, which can become a problem at important events, such as your wedding day.

Here is the best way to work around these situations without upsetting anyone!


The general rule is to sit both of your parents in the same row during your ceremony. This is the best way to honour them on your special day without any drama.

If your parents are remarried or have new partners, then you will also want to seat them together. Perhaps have the two couples on different sides of the room.

White Country Bouquet Order Of Service
White Country Bouquet Order Of Service

Some couples choose to have their mum on the first row, and their dad on the second, but this is a personal preference. Ask your parents beforehand if they would be bothered about this to avoid awkwardness on the day.


For your wedding reception, it's best to try and follow a similar rule.

Eucalyptus Garland Table Plan
Eucalyptus Garland Table Plan

Parents that are still civil can be sat at the same table, especially if you're having a traditional 'top table'.

Je t'aime - Table Plan Cards
Je t'aime - Table Plan Cards

If your parents don't get on at all, you may want to seat them at different tables. Just make sure that one parent isn't at the more important/popular table, whilst the other is sat amongst strangers!

Overall, you should do whatever makes you happy, whilst making sure both of your parents feel included on your special day. But make sure you remember that it is your day, and you should do it in a way that suits you best.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog. For more wedding advice, check out our other blogs - we have one for nearly everything!