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How Do I RSVP to a Wedding Invitation?


A friend or family member is getting married - exciting times! But you're not sure how to respond to the wedding invitation appropriately, right? Not to worry, the traditions and etiquette can be a little difficult to follow. Fortunately, it's not that difficult to RSVP to a wedding invitation - here's what you need to do.

Reply promptly

You should get your RSVP sent off ASAP. There will be an RSVP-by date on the invitation, and you should definitely follow it. Mail (or email) your response by the given date (earlier is better) because the couple's wedding plans depend upon the total headcount. Do them a favour and let them know early on.

Decoding the invitation language

Formal, mailed invitations, along with any relevant ceremony and reception info, will also include a separate RSVP card.

English Roses RSVP Cards
English Roses RSVP Cards

This usually comes with a pre-stamped and addressed envelope. You simply need to fill out the card, slip it into the envelope and put it in the post box. Many modern invitations allow you to RSVP by email and will provide the recipient address for you to do so.

RSVP card etiquette

Include your menu preference: Many RSVP cards include menu choices below attendance options. If you are going alone, select the dish you prefer. If you're bringing a plus-one or family, write everyone's initials beside their meal selections. These numbers will enable the couple to account for everyone's meal requirements.

Delicate Leaf Pattern Iridescent RSVP Cards
Delicate Leaf Pattern Iridescent RSVP Cards

Plus-ones can't be swapped: Wedding invitations are non-transferable. This means you can nominate your plus-one only if the invitation specifies "and Guest". If you are invited along with a specific person, but your plus-one cannot attend, you can't simply invite someone in their place. If there is a problem here, and you know the couple well, you could try talking to them personally.

No extras: Only RSVP for people the invitation is specifically addressed to. If the invite isn't addressed to your whole family, don't reply for anyone but yourself. Also, remember that you can't bring a plus one if you originally declined the option on your RSVP card.

It doesn't have to be complicated to RSVP to a wedding invitation. Just reply as soon as you can, and follow the instructions on your invitation to ensure you give the response the couple needs. Weddings are a happy occasion, but the planning can be stressful and complicated - do your best to help simplify things as much as you can.