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How Do You Plan a Christening?

How Do You Plan a Christening?
A christening is a beautiful way to welcome your baby, and the perfect first step in a life of religion. Here is a simple guide on planning an unforgettable christening:

The Church

Your baby's christening should be held at your local church. If you don't attend church regularly, discuss this with the vicar. Some churches will expect for you to be attending religious services before and after the day. Also check with the vicar whether your child's christening will be an independent service or a part of the weekly Sunday worship. Plus, when booking your service, be sure to choose a date that you have checked with your godparents - they need to be there!

The Ceremony

Your child's christening ceremony will be fairly straightforward, and should only take around half an hour. How Do You Plan a Christening? - Church of England Christenings Featured Image: Church of England Christenings It will start with an introduction from the vicar, followed by the promises by the parents and godparents, the baptism, and a reading. However, different churches may have different traditions or orders for this.

The Christening outfit

Consider what outfit your little one will wear. Do you want to stick to tradition, or do something more modern? If you want to follow tradition, dress your little one in a long white or cream gown. This is a popular choice for both boys and girls, and can be reused in the future if you have more children in the family. Alternatively, dress your child in other smart clothes, such as a smart shirt and chinos. It's completely up to you! How Do You Plan a Christening? - One Small Child Featured Image: One Small Child Don't forget how fast your little one grows! Don't buy clothes too far in advance of the day, as you may find that they don't fit.


Before the christening, decide who your child's godparents will be. Choose people who are actively involved in your child's life, and will continue to be for years to come, such as your sibling or your closest friend. If you are choosing a new friend, ask yourself whether they will definitely be there for your child throughout the next eighteen years. It is generally seen that you should have three godparents, with two of them being the same sex as your child. But it's up to you! If you are particularly religious, you will also want to choose godparents who are dedicated to your religion, so that they can act as a religious guide to your child. Plus, you should check with your church what their requirements are. Some churches will expect for godparents to attend regular services at the church, whilst others will be much less strict - the only requirement being that the godparents should be baptised.

The Reception

After the ceremony, you'll probably want to host a reception. This is a great place to socialise with friends and family, as well as receive gifts for your baby. The size of your reception is completely up to you. Some people will only want a small event, whilst for others this will be a major celebration. Venue First, choose your venue. Popular venues include church halls, pubs, and restaurants. You could even host your reception at your house. Decorations You will usually be expected to provide your own decorations for your venue. Popular choices include balloons and bunting in shades of pink, blue, or cream. How Do You Plan a Christening? - Cherie Kelly Featured Image: Cherie Kelly For more formal christenings, expect to see a lot of flowers. Food and drink Christenings will rarely have a sit-down meal, and will usually have a buffet. This is mainly as they are held at around lunchtime, so people probably won't be hungry. Plus, if any of your guests have specific dietary requirements, it makes it much easier for them to have something to eat. Some parents will also choose to have a christening cake. Much like a wedding cake, these can be very professional (and expensive!). However, these aren't essential. Gifts You can also expect for your child to receive gifts at their christening. Popular choices include silver spoons, bibles, framed prints, and jewellery. If you are after something specific, such as money for your child's savings account, be sure to mention it on your invitations.


There won't be any party without your invitations! Choose some beautiful invites, and send them to guests six weeks before the event. Remember to extend your invitation to your vicar! How Do You Plan a Christening? - Christening Invitations - Boys Church & Bunting - A6 Postcard Featured Product: Christening Invitations - Boys Church & Bunting - A6 Postcard Important things to include are your baby's name, the time, date, and location (of ceremony and the reception), and your RSVP details. If you are having a specific dress code or theme, be sure to mention this, too.

After the Day

Once the christening is over, there's still some things to consider. Thank You Cards You should definitely send out a thank you card to all of your christening guests. It's only polite! How Do You Plan a Christening? - Thank You Cards - Dusky Pink Photo Typography Featured Product: Thank You Cards - Dusky Pink Photo Typography Thank them for attending, as well as any gifts that your little one received. You may wish to choose a thank you card with a beautiful photograph of your baby on. It makes a wonderful keepsake. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more advice on throwing an amazing christening (and so much more!), head over to our other blogs.