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Should You Put Your Child’s Name on Their Backpack?

Should You Put Your Child’s Name on Their Backpack?

It is important for you and any caregivers, such as a teacher or family member, to be able to locate your child’s backpack. Unless your child has a particularly loud and colourful bag that isn’t common amongst their classmates, identifying bags can be a challenge. Whether your child’s school has a strict policy on bags or a backpack you must purchase as part of their school uniform, you need to be able to know whose bag belongs to which child. That's where our wonderful name labels come in!

Should I put a label on it?

Putting a label with your child’s name on the bag can help with this issue, but it is important to note this could (in some cases) put your child in danger if you put the label somewhere visible and they are without adult supervision.

Children have a wonderful ability to make new friends, and sometimes this can put them in difficult situations.

If you have your child’s name visible on the front of their bag this means anyone can come up to them - even if they forgot their name. This can be a great conversation starter for your little one.

Stick their name inside the bag!

If you use a label it is recommended you place it on the inside of the backpack, somewhere visible that can be easily found in any cases of confusion or if it is placed in a lost-and-found.

A great way to label the inside of the bag is to use a stick-on waterproof label. But these don't have to be simple and boring (unless you want them to!).

Here is a lovely example of one of our labels that has some cute pandas on it.

Featured Product: Medium Personalised Stick On Waterproof (Equipment) Name Labels - Panda - Pack of 42

This type of label is ideal if you also want to label any lunchboxes, pencil cases or water bottles your little one will take to school with them, which can also make their bag easily identifiable.

If you want a simpler label that you can attach to the inside of your bag, you could also opt for something like this.

Featured Product: Medium Personalised Stick On Waterproof (Equipment) Name Labels - Black - Pack of 42

While there is some seriousness about whether or not you should put your child’s name on their backpack, you can also have some fun with it and keep your child safe at the same time!