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Do Iron on Labels Stay On?

Do Iron on Labels Stay On?
Your children have gone back to school and the dreaded P.E lessons are due to start again, with your child’s school shirt or skirt likely to go missing while they rush to get back into their school uniform.
So, how do you prevent your child’s school uniform going walkabouts and ending up in the possession of another student?

So, do they stay on?

One common question is: do iron-on clothes labels really stay on your clothes?
The answer is yes!
As long as you follow the instructions that are provided with your high-quality labels, you should have no issue with them falling off in the wash or during everyday use.
One reason you should opt for iron-on labels from Dotty about Paper is that they are smooth to the touch with rounded corners, meaning your child’s delicate skin will not be irritated!

Will the name smudge or fade?

One concern with personalised labels for clothes is that the ink on the label may smudge, making it illegible or fade so the label becomes useless.
Not our labels, the names are all printed in colourfast ink which means they will not smudge or fade once they have been through the washing machine.
The labels are white with black writing, meaning your child’s name will be clear as day, and uniform and sports gear should not go missing (hopefully!).

Why are these so useful?

You can buy packs of 20, 50 and 100, so you can be covered for when your child gets a new school uniform every September.
You could also opt for your surname if you have multiple children, that way you can save even more of your precious time!

Iron-on or sew-on labels?

The difference between iron-on and sew-on labels is that iron-on labels are much easier to apply, and for those that have more than one child, stitching these labels into each item of clothing could take hours!
In a world where time is precious and you would rather be spending that time with your loved ones, sewing a label into every item of your child’s school uniform can seem like a waste when you could simply use your iron.
The beauty of iron-on labels is that they can take mere seconds to apply, so for all you busy parents this could be a real lifesaver!