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7 Things to Put on Your Wedding Guest Information Cards

Boho Burgundy Flowers - Guest Information Card

With limited space on your wedding invitations, guest information cards are the perfect way to ensure your guests have all they need to enjoy your wedding day to the full. And they can save you heaps of time answering emails and phone calls!

Here are seven things you may want to include on your guest information cards. You don’t need to include them all – just the ones most relevant to you.

Accommodation Options

If many of your guests are traveling long distances to attend, information about accommodation will be very welcome. Let them know if your venue is offering a discount for wedding guests, but also give alternative suggestions such as local B&Bs.

Travel Directions

If your wedding venue is off the beaten track – or the ceremony and reception are in different locations - travel information will help guests plan their day.

If you are arranging transport such as mini buses between locations or from the nearest town, you can mention it.

An exact postcode for Sat Navs is useful – unless it takes everyone into a nearby field! And remember that some people may not want to bring cars, so public transport options will be welcome.

Pink Country Flowers - Guest Information Card
Pink Country Flowers - Guest Information Card


There’s no need to include a complete schedule of the day. It can be useful to include a few key times, especially if you are having the ceremony and reception in different locations. It's also useful if there will be a gap before your evening reception starts.


Having a child-free wedding or limiting children to close family only? Make this clear as tactfully as possible.

An example of suitable wording: “Unfortunately, due to number restrictions, we have been unable to extend our invitations to include any children. Only children involved in the wedding party will be present. We hope that parents are able to arrange babysitters so they can join us on our special day.”

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Rustic Wedding Lace Guest Information

Food & Drink

Your day guests will expect to be fed, but it’s worth letting people know the arrangements for your evening reception. Let them know if there will be a cash bar.

If you are offering your guests a choice of meal, you can include the menu options. Otherwise, you don't need to say exactly what food will be served.

Dress Code

You only need to mention a dress code if you are having a formal wedding, something unusual, or very informal (like a beach wedding). Otherwise, your guests will expect to dress smartly while avoiding black and white, so there's no need to mention it.

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Kraft Vintage Flowers - Guest Information Card

Unless you are going for common dress codes such as “White Tie” or “Black Tie”, do give your guests a little guidance; if you simply say “festive” or “casual” you will get all kinds of interpretations.

Other Activities

It’s popular nowadays to arrange extra social activities around the wedding. For example, a family brunch the day after, or an informal dinner in a restaurant the night before, especially if the wedding is abroad. Only include these on your guest cards if everyone is invited. If not, contact people individually.