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What Is a Memorial Card?


When looking online for funeral stationery, you may like the look of memorial cards. But what is a memorial card? And what should it include?

This quick and easy guide will teach you everything you need to know.

What is a memorial card?

A memorial card is a funeral keepsake, which is handed out to funeral guests on or after the funeral, and can be kept for many years to come. These beautiful cards can also be displayed in a memorial garden or a cemetery bouquet, making them very versatile.

Funeral Memorial Cards - Elegant Frame

They are affordable too, with prices starting from just 70p here at dotty about paper.

What should a memorial card include?

These cards would usually include the name of the deceased, as well as the day that they were born and the day they passed away.

Funeral Memorial Cards - Bear & Moon

The top of the memorial cards are usually headed by a memorial phrase, such as:

  • In loving memory of
  • Rest in peace
  • We miss you
  • Celebrating the life of

They would usually also include a photograph of the deceased. Choose a photo where your loved one looks particularly beautiful, to remind everyone of their lovely face and happy times.

On the reverse of memorial cards, most people would include a poem. This can be any poem of your choice, whether that's the favourite poem of your loved one, or a poem that you feel is particularly relevant. Head over to our blog 'Poems and Wording for a Funeral Memorial Card' for wording ideas.

Whilst these are popular ideas, you are not limited to these. You can add anything you want to the memorial cards, such as a family photograph, a note from family or a quote from a favourite book, your loved one's cemetery and plot number, or a religious symbol. Whatever you choose, it's completely up to you.


We hope you have found this blog useful. For more funeral help and advice, head over to our other blogs or get in touch.