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Everything You Need to Know for Your Wedding Order of Service

Rustic Woodland Birds Order Of Service

It can be hard to know what you should include in your wedding order of service. Don't worry! Here's everything you need to know, whether you're planning a traditional church wedding or a civil ceremony.

What is an Order of Service?

The order of service guides your guests through your wedding ceremony. It contains the timing of each part of the service to help guests follow along.

You can ask your ushers to hand them out as people enter for the ceremony. Some couples also make use of a sign at the entrance, which covers the key events in less detail than the booklet. In addition to being useful, order of service booklets make a lovely keepsake for guests! Choose a style and design that fits with your wedding theme to make it extra special. You could even match it to the rest of your stationery.

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Je t'aime Wedding Collection

What to Include

On the front of the service booklet, make sure to include the names of the bride and groom. You also need the date and location of the marriage ceremony.

On the back page, it's good etiquette to write a message of thanks for the guests' attendance, along with special mentions to everyone who helped make the day a success. Name your best man, ushers, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and any other people playing a big role. You might also conclude with the venue and starting time of the reception party to follow.

White Country Bouquet Order Of Service
White Country Bouquet Order Of Service

The layout of your service will look a little different depending on whether you're having a church wedding or a civil ceremony. Here are the recommended details to add inside the service.

Church Wedding

Start with the entrance music for the bride. You should also include the marriage vows, ring exchange, and the signing of the register. Finally, add the exit music that plays when the couple leave. The order of service can also contain optional elements, like the names of readers or the lyrics to any hymns and songs. If you want to include these, however, make sure to speak with the church beforehand regarding putting lyrics in your service. Some hymns are in the public domain, but for others, they will need to arrange copyright permission before you can print and distribute them.

Rustic Wedding Lace Order of Service Booklet
Rustic Wedding Lace Order of Service Booklet

Civil Ceremony

Add the time of the bride's entrance and the welcoming to the ceremony. You can also add any readings in the order they'll occur, along with the name of the reader. Finish with the wedding vows, the signing of the register and the exit of the couple. Remember, you can't include religious content - such as hymns or scriptures - in a civil ceremony.