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Wedding Invitations – What Information Do Your Guests Need?

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It can take months, or even years, of meticulous planning to create a day that you and your guests will never forget. Your wedding invitations are an important part of the planning process. Good invitations should fully inform your guests of the arrangements. A happy, well-informed guest will be able to fully relax and share in your special day.

Save The Date

Before you send out your main wedding invitations, it’s a good idea to send some save the date magnets to your guests. This will help remind your guests of the important event, and help them make sure they don’t arrange something else on the same day! It will also give you a chance to finalise your guest list before you confirm your wedding venue and other plans. Send out your save the date cards about 6 months before the wedding date. Your wedding invitation cards should be sent out about 2 months before the big day. They should contain a lot more details than the save the date cards, including the following:

Venue and Accommodation

Your wedding venue should be given pride of place on your invitations. Obviously, your guests will need to know where they should go for your ceremony and reception, but they may also need some more information about the venue. Some of your guests may want to stay overnight, so let them know if there is any accommodation near to the venue. Enquire with local hotels to see if you can get a special room rate for wedding guests.

Travel Information

Some of your wedding guests may be travelling from outside your local area. They are likely to appreciate some information about how to travel to the venue. Include the roads they should take to get there, and list some nearby landmarks so they don’t get lost! Remember that not every guest will be travelling by car, so include information about public transport and local taxi firms on your wedding invites.

Wedding List

Although it was once seen as impolite to mention your wedding list in your invitation, over time it’s become increasingly acceptable. Many guests will be grateful for the information, so they can be sure they’re buying you a gift you will truly appreciate. However, you should make it clear on your invitations that your wedding guests aren’t expected to buy you a present.

Dress Code

Most of your guests will know they should dress smartly for you wedding. Only mention a dress code on your invitations if your venue has specific requirements, such as black tie. You may also want to let your guests know if your wedding is to have a specific theme. You can also list details of local costumiers so they can easily find something appropriate to wear. Perfecting your wedding invitations can take time and thought. But, knowing your guests are well-informed will enable you to relax and enjoy preparing for your big day!