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What Is a Wedding Blessing Ceremony?

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Here at Dotty About Paper, we know that every wedding ceremony is different. Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor ceremony, summer or winter, religious or secular, we believe that you should be able to find not only the perfect stationery for your big day, but all the advice you could need on a variety of topics. So, for anyone about to navigate the world of blessing ceremonies, from the ceremony itself to the perfect wedding invitations, this is the blog post for you.

What is a wedding blessing ceremony?

According to the Church of England, a Wedding Blessing Ceremony is a short and simple service that can be performed by a pastor of your chosen faith, after a couple has been married in a civil ceremony. For those brides and grooms who choose not to get married into a church and therefore, into a certain religious belief, the service gives the couple to pledge their marriage to God and their faith. Not only does the service allow you to see your marriage recognised in the eyes of the church, but it also asks for God’s blessing over the partnership and that He looks after your new lives together. It’s a popular choice for couples who come from different spiritual backgrounds and would like to begin their new lives together under one church.

It’s also popular with couples where one individual is remarrying after a divorce. As different religions have opposing views on divorce, some see the blessing ceremony as a re-entry into their faith following a period of hardship.

What is a wedding blessing ceremony?

That’s entirely up to you! A blessing ceremony is not like your traditional wedding – there is no exchanging of vows or rings and it does not affect your legal status as a married couple. Some brides prefer to organize the ceremony like a traditional church wedding, including hymns, readings and decorations in the chapel. But this can be an expensive choice for couples who have already had their big day and would like to sanctify their marriage in the eyes of God.

The blessing ceremony is also not limited to any religion or denomination either. You can choose the venue – some priests or clerics will even perform it abroad – and the religious figure who performs it.

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