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Ways to Stick to Your Wedding Stationery Budget

Ways to Stick to Your Wedding Stationery Budget
When you are planning your wedding we always recommend you set a budget for all aspects of the wedding: wedding stationery is no exception. There is obviously a range of prices for any wedding stationery, ranging from the cheap and cheerful to expensive deluxe designs. In this blog we will give you some tips on how to get the best value for your money, allowing you to purchase high quality stationery without breaking your budget. 1. Think about what you really need. For example do you need both save the date and wedding invitations? Do you need an RSVP card or can you put a reply email address on the invitation? Can you put guest information and present list online? On the day, do you need individual place cards or can you just put the names on the table card. Look at the numbers you need too – Orders of Service can be shared one per family, rather than ordering one per guest. Vintage Cottage Garden collection 2. Look at different options for the stationery. For example, we have a range of ready-to-write invitations. These are less than ½ the price of our personalised printed cards and are a great way to match your invitations with other wedding stationery. You can also opt for postcards or magnets instead of regular open-out cards, both of them are a lower cost option. Preprinted Invitations 3. Check what is included in the price – some apparently cheaper cards do not include envelopes, free delivery or free samples. These can all add up if you do not check before you order. 4. Card size and weight. Check that your invitations can fit in a regular envelope and can be posted via standard letter: if the envelope is larger than 240x165mm, thicker than 5mm or heavier that 100g your invitations will have to be posted as a large letter meaning that the stamps will be more expensive. 5. Check for offers. Whether you buy your stationery from a shop or online, it is worth searching for offers. If you bulk order your stationery you may get a discount and there will probably also be end of line sales or seasonal sales.