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How to Throw a Science Party for Kids

How to Throw a Science Party for Kids
Throwing a science party is so much fun, and you don't have to be an Einstein to do it, either! Follow this easy guide to hosting a mole-cool party:

Science Stationery

First get looking for your ideal invitations. There are so many different styles available online - whether you're looking for the perfect invitations for fun experiments, or cool robots. How to Throw a Science Party for Kids - Personalised Kids Birthday Invitations - Science Party Featured Product: Personalised Kids Birthday Invitations - Science Party Our 'Science Party' invitations are available with thank you cards to match, making them super handy.

Science Party Costumes

As guests arrive at the party, hand out goggles and lab coats to excite them for what's yet to come.

Science Snacks

Science party snacks are so much fun, and its a great excuse for getting creative in the kitchen. Here are some of our favourite ideas: How to Throw a Science Party for Kids - Instructables Featured Image: Instructables Coloured jelly definitely has a scientific feel to it! Get creative with your colours - kids will adore blue and green jellies. Serve your jelly in petri dishes to thrill your guests. An eyeball cake is surprisingly easy to make (and super tasty, too!). Simply create a round cake, and decorate to look like an eyeball. Once you cut into it, red jam will really set the scene! Test tube shots can be made up of anything you like - whether that's fresh fruit juices, pop, or even sweets. Get creative! You could also serve your drinks in flasks and beakers.

Science Party Games

A science party is a great place to get creative with experiments. Easy experiments include: Mentos and Coke Everyone knows what happens when you mix mentos with coke! If you have a garden, this is a fun experiment for the kids to enjoy, and its super affordable, too. Lava Lamps Creating your own lava lamps is easy! You only need four different things to create them - follow the instructions here. How to Throw a Science Party for Kids - Mom Inspired Life Featured Photo: Mom Inspired Life You can get creative with the colours, and let everyone create a lava lamp in their favourite shade. Taste Test This is one of our favourites! Blindfold the children and have them taste a series of food items, and guess what it is. This challenge will definitely make everyone laugh! Toy Car Challenge the little ones to powering a toy car with a balloon. Whoever can make it go the furthest distance can win a prize, such as some sweets or a science experiment kit.

Science Decorations

Science decorations don't have to be difficult. We recommend to fill the room with balloons. Blue, green, and red balloons perfectly match the scientific vibe, and will be loved by girls and boys. How to Throw a Science Party for Kids If you're particularly creative, you could attempt to recreate molecular structures with your balloons! How to Throw a Science Party for Kids - Birthday Banner Featured Product: Birthday Banner Instead of a traditional birthday banner. create your wording out of elements from the periodic table. This is perfect for older kids. Then finally add some bi0-hazard tape to the doorways to add to the look!

Science Party Favours

As your guests are leaving the party, send them home with scientific favours! How to Throw a Science Party for Kids - Science Party - Sweet Cone Bag & Sticker - Pack of 35 Featured Product: Science Party - Sweet Cone Bag & Sticker - Pack of 35 A sweet cone filled with millions will remind the children of atoms, and is delicious. Why not send the kids home with a science experiment for them to do at home? We love a 'Grow your own crystals' set, which you can buy for around £10. A helium balloon will also complete your favours, and leave the children wondering how exactly do they fly? What did you think to this blog? Leave a comment below if you're going to try out our ideas!