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How Do You Word a Christening Invitation?

How Do You Word a Christening Invitation?

A cute poem? A lengthy formal paragraph? Something short and sweet? How exactly do you word a christening invitation?

Choosing pre-made christening invitations

You’ll want to browse christening invitations before making any decisions to gain some inspiration. Most already provide a majority of the wording, which will leave you very little to think about.
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In most cases, you'll just have to add details like names and addresses to create the perfect christening invitation.

What wording should be included?

Usually, christening invitations follow a fairly standard format.

Start with "(Name) and (Name) invite you to celebrate the christening of (Child's Name)".

Or, go for a more simple "You're invited to celebrate the christening of (Child's Name)", which is also ideal for single parents.

Below your introduction, provide details of the christening venue and the date and time of the christening. Don't forget to add details of the reception or celebration after the ceremony, if this is at a different venue.

Follow up with RSVP details, including your own contact number or email address.

Christening invitations only need to be simple. Most people already know roughly what to expect.

Should invitations be formal?

You have a choice. Will you go for formal invitations with beautiful fonts and elegant stationery design, or something more fun and colourful? It's really up to you and is a choice that should reflect your family.

You could choose custom christening invitations with a picture of your child, or something bright and colourful that's perfect for a baby or toddler.

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Alternatively, choose a design that's beautifully elegant with space for all of the details.

Who invites the guests?

Often, the parents will be the ones to write the invitations and send them out to family and friends. Sometimes, this is a job for the new godparents acting on the child's behalf. Again, this is personal preference.

Choosing a suitable font

For more formal invitations, try your hand at calligraphy. If you don't want to do this by hand, you can purchase custom printed invitations that use very elegant fonts.

If you're opting for something less formal, you can write with your usual handwriting or have some fun with your font choice. Whether you choose traditional or contemporary, remember that the invitation is simply a method of formally inviting your guests - as long as you're getting the right details to the appropriate people, the rest is really your choice.