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How Do You Have an Anniversary Party?

How Do You Have an Anniversary Party?
What better way to celebrate the precious years together than an anniversary party with friends and family! It's so much fun, and makes for magical memories. Here are our simple steps to hosting an amazing celebration:

Set your budget

Before getting into the details, you'll want to consider your budget. Parties can get expensive! Write down your budget for each part of your party, and consider unexpected expenses, too. Once you and your partner have settled on your budget, you can get started on the rest of your party planning.

Write your guest list

Next, sit down with your partner and write up a guest list. You'll want to invite close friends and family, as well as people who attended your wedding. Consider whether you will also be inviting plus ones and children to your anniversary party.

Date, time, and venue

Then choose a date and time for your event. Consider the day of the week, and month that you want your party to be held, as parties thrown mid-week or during busy holiday seasons are likely to have less people attending. You'll then want to find your ideal venue. There are many options available, depending on the style of your party. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - The Atrium Featured Image: The Atrium For fun chilled parties, you can't go wrong with hosting your party at home, or at a relative's house. It's super affordable, and you can decorate in any way that you like! If you're having a formal celebration, opt for a ballroom or a banquet room, and add style with classic decorations. Alternatively, a sit down meal at a restaurant is a great and easy way to get everybody together for a celebration.

Think about entertainment

What entertainment are you going to have at your party? You'll need something that will get everybody on the dance floor! How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - Steemit Featured Product: Steemit Popular options include live music or a DJ. Make sure that the music you have chosen is suitable for guests of all ages if you are having your family there. We recommend to write down a list of your favourite romantic songs, and give them to the entertainer. Maybe even your first dance song from your wedding! If you're having a more chilled party with close friends and family, a range of party games is the perfect entertainment. Think charades, the name game, or even board games!

Anniversary Party Food

Consider what food and drinks will be served at your anniversary party. If you are having a set menu, let guests know what food they'll be having in advance of the day. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - Bodasy Weddings Featured Image: Bodasy Weddings If a buffet is more your style, make sure you have a wide range of options to suit different dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. You will also need to consider what food children will like if you are having kids at your celebration.

Send invitations

After you have booked your venue and made all of your arrangements, choose some invitations! Consider if you are having a party theme or colour scheme, and choose invitations to match. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - 25th Foil Wedding Anniversary Invitations - Antique Swirls Featured Product: 25th Foil Wedding Anniversary Invitations - Antique Swirls Here are some details you may wish to include:
  • Your names
  • The amount of years that you've been married
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Dress code
  • Details about the food / drinks
  • RSVP details
Be sure to check out our full range of wedding anniversary invitations. We have so many beautiful styles which can all be personalised to the amount of years you have been together.

Get decorating

Add some more style to your venue with decorations. Your decorations can be as crazy or classic as you wish. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - AliExpressFeatured Image: AliExpress Depending on the anniversary that you're celebrating, you can take inspiration from tradition. E.g. for your 1st anniversary, which is also known as your 'paper anniversary', you could decorate with paper decorations, such as bunting and origami, etc. If you're wanting some more generic decorations, you really can't go wrong with lots of beautiful balloons - match to your colour scheme to complete your venue! Other decorations, such as candles, mason jars, and bunting, make the ideal finishing touches.

Make memories!

Now it's time to make some memories! You may wish to hire a photographer or videographer at your wedding anniversary party. It's a great way to capture those special moments with friends and family. How Do You Have an Anniversary Party? - Shimmering Dots - Silver Foil Guest Book Featured Product: Shimmering Dots - Silver Foil Guest Book A guest book is also another amazing way to capture the memories. Let all of your guests leave a heartfelt message - it makes the perfect keepsake. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more party inspiration, head over to our other blogs.