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How Do You Say No Gifts on an Anniversary Invitation?

How Do You Say No Gifts on an Anniversary Invitation?

So, you're having a party for your wedding anniversary (congratulations!), and you don't know how to ask for gifts? We are here to help! Luckily for you, there are so many different ways that you can ask for gifts that are both super fun and polite. Here are a few of our favourite examples that you may wish to use:

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Wording Examples

  • No gifts, please! Your presence at our party is the only gift we need.
  • Gift us only with the honour of your presence.
  • The couple request no gifts.
  • No gifts, please.
  • Instead of gifts, you may make a donation to our chosen charity.
  • Instead of gifts, share your favourite memory of us on the back of your invitation, and bring it to the party!
  • Instead of gifts, bring your favourite recipe for our recipe book!
  • After 60 years, we need nothing more. The best present to us is you on the dance floor!
  • Please only bring your company and your appetite.
  • Your good wishes are the only gifts that we wish to receive.

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Simply add your wording to the bottom of your anniversary invitation, and send to your party guests. So easy! Don't forget to check out our full range of wedding anniversary party invitations, too! We have a wide range of different beautiful styles, for every party theme or milestone. So whether you've been married for one year or sixty years, you're sure to find a design that both you and your guests will love.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog, and it has helped you write your perfect anniversary invitation! For more advice on wedding anniversaries (and so much more), check out our other helpful blogs. We are always happy to help!