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How to Have a Micro-Birthday Party?

How to Have a Micro-Birthday Party?
Due to COVID-19, you can currently only have parties of six people. So, how do you throw a micro-birthday party? Here is our quick and easy guide to hosting a small party:

Guest List

For your guest list, you will need to only invite your closest friends. Choosing which friends to invite can be really difficult, but hopefully any friends that you aren't able to invite will be understanding of your situation. Make sure that you also include the people from your household in the final guest count. Due to the current restrictions, if you have a family of four at home, you will only be able to invite two guests, whereas if you live alone, you can invite five.


As for invitations, you may find it's easier just to text everybody the details. After all, there will only be a few people coming over. However, if you do decide to do traditional invitations, there are so many styles to choose from! 40th Birthday Invitations - Zebra Print Border - Pack of 10 Featured Product: 40th Birthday Invitations - Blush Tiger Print Click here to explore our full range of birthday invitations - we have invitations for everyone.


Just because there's less guests attending your birthday, doesn't mean you can't go all out on the decorations! 60th Birthday Invitations - Gold Balloon Arch - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Gold Confetti Balloons - 12" Latex - Pack of 6 Decorate your house with balloons and banners to get that traditional party feel.


As there will only be a few guests, you don't need much food. We recommend to serve sandwiches, crisps, and drinks, as well as a slice of birthday cake! Paper Plates 18cm - Lime Green Party Tableware - Pack of 8 Featured Product: Pick & Mix Happy Birthday Ombre Paper Plates - 25cm - Pack of 8 Don't forget your party tableware! You can check out our full range of tableware here.


Now you need to think of activities that you can do in small groups. For adults, we think you can't go wrong with either a cocktail party or a tea party. They're easy parties to throw, and perfect for a small amount of guests. Birthday Invitations - Cocktail Time - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Cocktail Party Invitation As for the kids, a creative party will be so much fun. Opt for either a baking party or an arts and crafts session where kids can really get stuck in. A pamper party or picnic is so much fun, too! Zoom image Featured Product: Kids Birthday Invitations - Princess Pamper Party For kids parties remember that their parents will count towards the 6-person limit, so try and invite as few parents as possible.

Thank You Cards

Don't forget to thank your friends for coming to your micro-birthday party! Buy a pack of thank you cards and add your own message to complete. Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Typography Silver Foil - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Ready to Write Thank You Cards - Typography Silver Foil We hope you have found this blog useful! For more party inspiration, also check out our other blogs. (Disclamer - Information was correct as of 14.09.20. Make sure any parties you throw are in line with government guidance.)