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How to Have a Barbecue Party

How to Have a Barbecue Party
If you're looking to have a calm and cool birthday, you can't go wrong with a barbecue party! It's a great party for friends and family, and a wonderful way to celebrate. Here's our guide on having a sizzling barbecue party:


Invite your guests to your party with a personalised invitation. It's a simple way to get all of your party details over to your guests, and looks so stylish, too. How to Have a Barbecue Party - 40th Birthday Invitations - Chalkboard Beer Featured Product: 40th Birthday Invitations - Chalkboard Beer There are so many different styles of invitations available online, so be sure to take a look. Whether you're turning 18, 40, or 80, you're sure to find a design that you will love.


Decorating for a barbecue party doesn't have to be difficult. You can create a different vibe, depending on what kind of party you're having. How to Have a Barbecue Party - Backyard Michelle Featured Image: Backyard Michelle Here are some of the ideas that we can't get enough of: Outside lights Twinkling lights around the garden set the tone for an amazing night, and make the perfect photo opportunity. Bunting If you want a cute feel to your barbecue party, add some sweet gingham bunting. You can buy personalised bunting for your party, and spell out a unique message. Picnic blankets If you're having a large party with lots of guests, they will need somewhere to sit. Spread some picnic blankets out around the garden, and add sweet mason jars for the perfect finishing touch. Tropical vibes Add some fun to your party by introducing a tropical theme. Guests will absolutely love wearing flower garlands. You can add even more excitement with floral shirts and hula skirts - everyone can get involved!

Barbecue Party Food

Now comes the best part - the food! Is there anything better than delicious barbecue food? How to Have a Barbecue Party - EasyGlam Featured Image: EasyGlam Here are some ideas of what you can serve at your barbecue party: Meat Beef burgers Bacon strips Chicken skewers Sausages Fish Tuna Steaks Salmon Roasted Vegetables Peppers Carrots Corn on the cob Side Dishes Halloumi cheese Burger buns Hot dog buns Chips Potato salad Coleslaw Snacks Crisps Salads Tomatoes Lettuce Peppers Onions Drinks Ice cold beers Fizzy drinks Juice boxes for the little ones Condiments Ketchup Barbecue sauce Mustard Mayonnaise Chilli sauce Salsa Hummous Desserts Smores Grilled pineapple and peaches Fruit skewers Grilled cinnamon apples Foil-baked bananas (with chocolate!) Of course, you can get as creative as you wish! Nearly all food tastes amazing after being on the grill.


Set the atmosphere for your party with some music. Acoustic songs work perfectly for late summer nights. Alternatively, a bit of reggae will spice up your party. How to Have a Barbecue Party - Steemit Featured Image: Steemit If you want to go all out, you could also have live music playing at your event! Make sure your music is appropriate for guests of all ages, if you're having little ones at your party, too.


A barbecue party isn't just about food! There are so many fun garden games that you can play. How to Have a Barbecue Party - Jon Day Featured Image: Jon Day Here are some of our favourites: Hoop Toss Hoop toss is the perfect summer game, and will be a great laugh for guests of all ages. You can mix up the game by throwing hoops over different items - such as beer bottles! Bowling Everybody loves bowling! Set up ten pins in your garden, and have your guests bowl them down. Plus, this will get even more fun after a drink - you can't go wrong! Jenga A game of jenga has always been a lot of laughs. You can even buy (or make) giant jenga, which is even more fun. Frisbee The best game on a budget is frisbee. Everyone can get involved - even the dog! Paddling Pool The younger ones (and probably some of the older ones!) will love a paddling pool. Perfect for summer afternoons, it's a wonderful way to cool off, and is so much fun, too. Alternatively, for the adults, you could have a Jacuzzi session. Complete with a bottle of champagne! Tents You could also put up some tents, and have a summer camp-out! This will make for amazing memories with your friends. We hope you have enjoyed this blog. For more party inspiration, head over to our other blogs - we have a blog for every party theme.